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EU Conference on Digital Footprint and Education

Event Details

The European Digital Learning Network (Dlearn) and the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) are happy to organise, with the support of the DIGIT project partners, the European Conference on Digital Footprint.
Digital footprint” is “the record or trail left by the activities you do online“, such as social media interactions, information on your personal website or your browsing history.
The Conference will be the occasion to present the results of the DIGIT project as well as the report realized by Dlearn about the level of European citizens’ awareness on digital footprint related issues and challenges. The report is the result of a pan-european survey carried out by Dlearn in 2018-2019 (more information here).
The conference will address how can educational and digital stakeholders raise awareness and build competences of individuals to have safer and more responsible online behaviours.
From policy-makers and educational stakeholders to digital experts and companies. How can we work together to achieve those objectives? Join us to discuss the solutions!Read more and register!