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Erasmus+ Coalition Meeting

Event Details

The next Erasmus+ meeting will take place on January 22nd morning in Brussels (location and exact starting hour tbc). The Erasmusx10 Campaign’s coordinators (LLLP, Eurodesk and Youth Forum) decided to use this opportunity to organise a “World café” in order to discuss the rationale behind the arguments of the Erasmusx10 campaign. Your presence and contribution will be highly valued and taken into consideration while listing all the things we want improved in the successor programme.
Please confirm your participation to (no travel refund is foreseen for this meeting).
Provisional agenda (final agenda will be announced soon):
– World café session (approx. 2h10 hours, including presentation of results, and general discussion)
– Other news related to the campaign, education and Erasmus (30 minutes)
About the World café format: The organizers will set up 10 tables, each will have one argument (i.e the 10 of the campaign). Participants will have 10 minutes for each table to discuss the argument. After the 10 minutes, they will rotate to the next table so that they can contribute to each argument.
Some time will be allocated to also discuss the most appropriate format(s) for the conversion of the rationale into communication materials to different stakeholders (for instance: position paper, infographics, and other related advocacy actions).
In preparation of the meeting, you will receive next week two very draft documentsgathering the inputs from the Coalition’s members and partners:
– An extensive rationale document, mainly consisting of a table where are listed the sub-arguments, why they are relevant, and some figures/examples to support them. It also includes references, collected position papers and overarching figures.
– A summary list of the sector-specific and transversal arguments
If not available that day, you may send us your inputs to by 17 January.