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EDEN Annual Conference 2017

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How do educators deal with diversity in media and technology enhanced learning environments? How can such diversity be accounted for and used to transform and adapt online learning settings? How do educators, stakeholders and policy makers meet digital inequalities? What are the new challenges for teachers and educators in the new media landscapes to create meaningful contexts for learning?

The behaviour, interests and roles of learners are also repositioned. Technological innovation implies faster learning, and instruction has to be “useful” in order to motivate and engage students. In order to strengthen and stabilise learning, The collaboration between the human mind and the machine have to be regularly reconsidered. Digital technology supports sustainable environments where learners gain new perspectives on their learning, share and learn collectively, and master their own drive for learning.

It is of great importance to study how the educational framing, from policy level down to the actual learning situation, allows for various types of e-learning, open and and distance education. Diversity also causes fragmentation in learning achievements which should be carefully managed, without loosing identity of learners. One challenge is the often fragmented view of what has been achieved theoretically and practically in this field, and the ever-increasing offer of technology. How do we bring together the strengths of the past with the opportunities for the future? Co-ordination of information, knowledge and creativity is of high importance for the educational experience.

EDEN 2017 is the forum that offers a chance to work together for these goals, and to gain further insight into the core questions.