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ECIT Summer University on European Citizenship (Brussels, ULB)

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First Transnational citizenship of the modern era!

It is official! We are thrilled to announce the IV edition of the ECIT Summer University on European Citizenship in collaboration with The Institut des Etudes Européens /ULB.

This event will take place at the IEE on 2 & 3 September and will bring together students & researchers, civic activists and policy makers in order to discuss the European citizens’ agenda after the 2019 EP elections. 

WHO? Students & researchers, civil society activists and policy makers are invited

to this summer university. Only by bringing together a constituency of these three circles of interest can a true European citizenship emerge. ECIT has pointed the ways forward with previous events, its guidelines and manifesto for the European elections.

WHY? This year the summer university comes at a time when there is a real chance to influence the European agenda. The newly elected European Parliament will be setting its priorities and preparing hearings for the appointment of the new President and members of the European Commission. The shape of the EU budget for the next legislature should soon be emerging from protracted negotiations. For all those motivated or just curious about this first transnational citizenship of the modern era,

this is a not to be missed opportunity!

WHAT? Experts will start with an analysis and debate on the current state of public opinion following the European elections on EU citizenship, examining the evidence from Eurobarometer opinion polls and how people actually voted. Has this status become sufficiently popular? What are movers and stayers looking for? On this basis, the future agenda for European citizenship should be shaped. Like any citizenship, European citizenship should be founded on the right to have rights, participation and a wider sense of belonging, three elements which will be discussed in three workshops. A report from each group will be presented to the plenary session of the summer university on the following day which should approve a set of recommendations to be made to the new European Parliament and the other EU Institutions. A number of partner events are foreseen. ECIT will prepare a background discussion document with draft recommendations. In the evening of 2 September there will be a display of results of different civil society projects in the run-up to the European elections followed by a master class by The Good Lobby. This will be held at the Salon for European Civic Organisations a new large co-working space opposite the European Parliament.

Attendance is free of charge. A balanced attendance of researchers, activists and policy-makers will be observed. 

A limited amount of scholarships for attendees from abroad are available.

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