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EARLALL Conference – Skills Adaptation/Anticipation and Labour Market Needs

Event Details

Experience in developing skills anticipation and adaptation strategies at regional and local level has raised numerous concerns and challenges that are worth sharing to facilitate “skills governance.” Education and training provision at regional level require a fast adaptation to the rapidly changing skill needs identified by labour market and civil society stakeholders. This conference will provide an open forum for European regions to present their experiences and the challenges that they face, and provide innovative solutions. The event will lead the way to launching a study visits programme within EARLALL member regions.
Draft Agenda for the Session
14:00-14:10 | Opening and Welcome by Maria Pascual, chair of EARLALL Skills & Labour Market Working Group and conference moderator.
14:10-14:40 | Keynote speech by Michael Horgan, European Commission, Policy Officer Skills and Qualifications: Skills Strategies; Skills Anticipation and Forecast; Cooperation with OECD
14:40-15:00 | Brittany’s case study
15:00-15:15 | Catalonia’s case study
15:15-15:30 | Hordaland’s case study by Kate Clarke, Senior Advisor Department for Regional Development | Research, Internationalisation and Analysis

– Coffee Break –

16:00-16:15 | Basque Country’s case study
16:15-16:30 | Västra Götaland’s case study by Dr. Joacim Waara
16:30-16:45 | Tuscany’s case study by Miriana Bucalossi, officer in VET Policies and European Programmes from Istituto Regionale per la Programmazione Economica della Toscana (IRPET)
16:45-17:00 | Launch of EARLALL study visits programme
17:00 | Closure by EARLALL Presidency


Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU
Rue des Deux Églises 27
1000 Brussels (Belgium)