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DARE International symposium and book launch “Education for Change”

Event Details

On 29-30 September, DARE will be organising a Symposium on “Combining history learning and human rights education” in Berlin, Germany. It will offer opportunities for exchange with international experts on practices and concepts, for presenting your work and for discussing ideas for continuous exchange. Educators in secondary school, university based teacher training, at museums and memorial sites as well as in non-formal education have the opportunity to take part in sector specific workshops. Education policy on combined educational approaches will be discussed by a panel. The book launch will present the two most recent publications on combining history learning and human rights education: Martin Lücke, Felisa Tibbitts, Else Engel, Lea Fenner (Eds.) (2016) for Change – Handbook for History Learning and Human Rights Education in Formal, Non-formal and Higher Educationand Claudia Lenz, Sanna Brattland, Lise Kvande (Eds.) (2016) for Crossing Borders. Combining Human Rights Education and History Education. Registrations are open!