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Childrens’ Rights UP

Event Details

the European Parents’ Association (EPA) organizes the final conference of the Children’s Rights UP! Erasmus+ project on Monday, 6th February 2023 from 14:00 to 17:00 CET. The project deals with the prevention of child sexual abuse through the promotion of key competences and healthy behaviours in young children from all cultures, an important topic also for the European Commission falling in line with the EU Strategy for a more effective fight against child sexual abuse, the DIRECTIVE 2011/92/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 13 December 2011 on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, and several other EU and international documents.

At the event the consortium will present the outputs of the project:
– A didactic guide for the prevention of child abuse
– Children’s stories
– An online course on the prevention of child abuse
– A prevention kit for families
An awareness kit
preceded by a keynote by Dr. Noemi Pareda, professor of victimology at the University of Barcelona and followed by a panel discussion.

Please find the invitation including the rationale and the program attached. We would be grateful if you disseminated the information widely as recent cases unfortunately show an increase rather than a decline in numbers of affected children.

You can register at this link: