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Building Strength in Plurality in Global Citizenship Education

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How can we be stronger together?
Bridge 47, in collaboration with Fingo, brings you this online training that offers an opportunity to make a reflective and proactive pause during these times shaken by Covid-19. The training aims to generate collective intelligence on Global Citizenship Education (GCE). GCE is broad and complex because it gathers diverse fields of action and cultural perspectives. There are many different ideas on what the problems are and how we should go about solving them.
This training will provide concrete tools for building strength in the context of plurality. We will collectively reflect on how the present global context affects, and will affect, our work on GCE. Through creative, participatory and reflexive exercises, it will then generate guidelines for effective conflict handling and leadership development; which will be useful skills in the times to come. Theoretical and practical background will be provided, based on the trainer’s experience in coordinating different transnational spaces of mobilisation (like the World Social Forum), and on her PhD in Applied Human Sciences.
The trainer will be Carminda Mac Lorin, who is the founder-president of Katalizo ( Her origins and life experience are rooted both in the Global North and in the Global South. Carminda Mac Lorin is a PhD candidate in Applied Human Sciences at the University of Montreal, interested in different transnational spaces of mobilization.
This training is aimed for CSOs/NGOs CSO which work with GCE and non formal education, who want to be inspired, learn more tools, have a bigger perspective. The training is part of the Bridge 47 project.
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