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ATEE Annual Conference 2019

Event Details

The organising committee will consist of staff within the Institute for Education – the Executive Dean, Heads of Department, Professors and other academic and professional services staff. The IfE has over 100 employees with significant expertise in the field of education. We also have dedicated Professional Services teams who will contribute towards the organisation and practical elements of the conference.

The academic committee, responsible for the academic content and quality of the conference will consist of academics from ATEE Presidency and the representatives from the Administrative Council of ATEE, RDCs Chairs and Co-Chairs.

In short, the Institute for Education proposes the organising committee as follows: the chair of ATEE Annual Conference will be Professor Kate Reynolds, Executive Dean of the Institute for Education and ATEE AC member. Several academic staff – including Heads of Department and Professors from the Institute for Education and partner institutions will be involved in the Academic Committee

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