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51st eucen Conference

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University Lifelong Learning to live a better life – Continuing Education for sustainable Quality of Life in Europe
The 51st eucen conference addresses the enrichment of Life through higher education, exploring the effects of 50 years of University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) and continuing education on work and life.

These stakeholders need to address transversal and oriented competencies to the labour market as well as make an effort towards the increase of consistency of the knowledge behind the competences, so a coherent background is produced. As this endeavour directly influences the quality of Life and of livelihoods, as well as its diversity, they have to be addressed, taking into account the individual integration and its active participation in Society and Community.

In this perspective, and taking into account nowadays reality in Europe, we will hear from academics, business and learners on the following overarching themes:

1. Wellbeing in a Digital Age
2. Enabling Livelihoods
3. Active Citizenship and Humanity Engagement

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