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UNESCO 3rd International Conference on Learning Cities

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The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning is pleased to announce that the Irish city of Cork has been selected to host the 3rd International Conference on Learning Cities, which will take place in 2017.

Cork City has long demonstrated tremendous commitment to the learning city approach in general and to the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities in particular. Since the 1st International Conference on Learning Cities in 2013 in Beijing, Cork City has been working to implement the ideals expressed in the Beijing Declaration on Building Learning Cities. The city’s very effective multi-sectoral approach to development is exemplified by its hugely successful annual Lifelong Learning Festival. The festival, which encourages citizens to investigate, participate in and celebrate learning, is a source of inspiration for other cities both within Ireland and internationally. At the 2nd International Conference on Learning Cities in 2015 in Mexico City, Cork City received the UNESCO Learning City Award in recognition of its achievements.

Having participated in the two previous International Conferences on Learning Cities, Cork City is looking forward to hosting the third Conference, which will be the first to take place in Europe. This open, vibrant and cosmopolitan city will offer an excellent setting for the Conference. Known as the gateway to the south of Ireland, the best of traditional Irish culture can be experienced in the city and its people are very welcoming. Cork City is also ideally located for exploring the beautiful surrounding countryside of County Cork. According to the travel guidebook Lonely Planet, ‘everything good about Ireland can be found in County Cork’.

The 3rd International Conference on Learning Cities promises to be another important step forward in placing lifelong learning at the centre of sustainable city development.