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Education for Intercultural Dialogue

European Parliament, 2 December, 16.30-18.30

How can the development of cooperation, critical thinking, shared responsibility, communication and active participation be strengthened in Europe? How can we move from a culture of individualism and competition to a culture of collaboration and solidarity? How can we strengthen the intercultural dimension of education so that it really contributes to social transformation and sustainability? How to ensure that the complexities involved in education, such as identity and nationality, culture and diversity, rights and responsibilities, dignity and human rights, are addressed in an adequate manner?

These were some of the important issues that were discussed at the high level debate during the Lifelong Learning Platform’s 5th Lifelong Learning Week, on 2 December 2015. Participants shared innovative practices and insights on the role of education in promoting intercultural dialogue and tolerance, or on the role of the EU in providing answers and concrete measures as a follow up of the Paris Declaration.

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