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2014: Building Together the Future of Learning

EUCIS-LLL organised successfully its 4th Lifelong Learning Week from 2 to 11 December, with the support of Julie Ward (S&D, UK). The name of the Week is rightly associated with our Manifesto “Building together the future of learning.” Namely, the topics discussed at our main events of the Week were rooted in the three pillars, focusing on the issue of efficiency and equity when it comes to funding of education, tackling exclusion and inequalities in education and training and validation of non-formal and informal learning in Europe. We gathered civil society and EU institutions representatives and researchers in order to share good practices, address future challenges and discuss next possible steps. Our Civil Society Meeting Place proved once again that the general public is interested and supportive of the concept of lifelong learning. We see this as opportunity to stress the need of adopting a holistic approach at all levels of decision-making, implementation and evaluation, in the crucial moment while the EU cooperation in education and training is being revised (ET2020 strategic Framework mid-term review).

Read the EUCIS-LLL manifesto