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2014: Addressing Inequalities in Education and Training

2014 is a turning point for European cooperation in education and training “ET2020”. It is the moment to take stock of more than a decade of community action in the field, but also to make concrete proposals for improving both the priorities and the working methods. This is a very timely debate because after the European elections there will be a new Commissioner as well as new Members of Parliament to take forward the achievements to date, deliver the ET2020 objectives while taking stock of its weaknesses and giving a fresh impetus with new and reinforced priorities.  Hopefully this will include a renewed political will to make lifelong learning a reality in Europe. EUCIS-LLL acknowledges the progress made so far but considers that evidence shows that much more attention should be paid to addressing inequalities in education and training.

EUCIS-LLL in partnership with the Learning for Well Being Consortium, took this opportunity to organise a seminar on 3rd June 2014 to reflect on what we want to achieve by 2020 and how to do it. The results of the discussions fed into the debate linked to the next cycle of ET2020 (2015-2017), the midterm review (2015-2020) and the broader Europe 2020 Review.

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