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This month, LLLP has become a member of the Pact for Skills community within the framework of the FIELDS project. The project partners represent over 10 Member States and several EU networks as well as different stakeholders in the education and employment sectors such as training providers, farmers, food industry and civil society representatives. Together they have worked on creating occupational profiles, curricula and training programmes to close the skill gaps in the agri-food sector. In addition, […]


LLLP Reaction: European Semester 2023 Spring Package

On 24 May, the European Commission published its European Semester Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs) and Country Reports (CRs), known as the ‘Spring Package’. LLLP reacts to the prioritisation of labour market-focused skills development at the expense of the broader lifelong learning process. Considering that in 2023, the EU fiscal framework and the European Semester are subjected to reform, LLLPlatform proposes a set of actions to address the shortcomings identified in our Reaction.

LLLPlatform urges for the […]


NEW – LLLP Reaction to the European Year of Skills

Eight months ago, President’s von der Leyen announced that 2023 will be the European Year of Skills (EYS). On 9 May, the momentous Europe Day, the starting signal was given for a year in which the EU institutions will focus on skills development across the Union. The Lifelong Learning Platform welcomes this initiative but draws attention to the need to uphold the values of the EU and take decisive action to achieve lifelong learning for the personal and professional […]


Skills, lifelong learning and democracy workshop during the EESC Civil Society Days 2023

The EESC Civil Society Days 2023 featured three days of debates and exchanges around the link between civil society organisations and democracy, and the need to ensure an active, engaged participation to face the current societal challenges. 
LLLP, alongside the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) and Cooperatives Europe hosted the workshop “Skills and Lifelong Learning for Democratic Societies” to highlight how the life course perspective, education, training and transversal skills are the way forward for […]


Swedish Presidency kicks off the year: here are its priorities for lifelong learning in 2023

The Presidency of the Council of the EU
The Presidency of the Council of the EU rotates every six months among EU Member States. During this six-month period, the presidency chairs meetings at every level in the Council, helping to ensure the continuity of the EU’s work in the Council. Since the Lisbon Treaties (2009), Member states holding the presidency work together closely in groups of three, called ‘trios’. For the first semester of the year, it will be Sweden […]


LLLP launches its Annual Theme 2023 – Key competences for all: a lifelong learning approach to skills

The Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) addresses forward-looking issues in the field of education and training on an annual basis. This year’s theme will be explored during different events and meetings at the crossroads between the Swedish and Spanish Presidencies of the Council of the EU, while ensuring that the 2023 Annual Theme is strongly related to the European Year of Skills:  
Key competences for all: a lifelong learning approach to skills
Surfing the wave of a fast-paced and ever-changing reality, the European […]