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Civil Society State of the Union 2023 report is officially out!

On Wednesday 6th September 2023, in light of the European Commission President’s upcoming State of the Union address, Civil Society Europe (CSE) launched its Civil Society State of the Union report (CS SOTEU) in Brussels and online. 
The report presents civil society’s vision and recommendations for a more democratic and socially and environmentally just EU and it is the result of 7 months of collaboration among nearly 50 civil society organisations (CSOs) specialised in a range of different sectors.
The report […]


Social and professional future of young people in post-Covid Europe

This study is the result of research, led by Caritas Italiana, Caritas Europa and Don Bosco International in examining the situation for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those not in education, employment, or training (NEETs) to transition from schooling into the labour market and to examine the significance of apprenticeships and Vocational Education Trainings (VETs) in supporting this transition and contributing to reducing school dropouts. The findings are based on an analysis of over 375 surveys completed by young […]


ESU – Survey on Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy and Academic Integrity from a Student Perspective

The European Students Union (ESU)  recently published a report on the topic of academic freedom, institutional autonomy, and academic integrity developed in the framework of the “Academic Freedom – Time to Act!” project, which aims to deepen the knowledge on defending, monitoring and promoting Academic Freedom in Higher Education in Europe.
The report is based on the results of a survey conducted between May and September 2022 with the participation of 645 students from 30 countries. Since the debate around […]


European survey on innovative initiatives for the validation of transversal skills

LLLP is a partner in the EU-funded project TRANSVAL-EU, a European policy experimentation concerning innovative approaches for the validation of transversal skills obtained in non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL) contexts, including guidance services.
“Transversal skills and competences (TSCs) are learned and proven abilities which are commonly seen as necessary or valuable for effective action in virtually any kind of work, learning or life activity.  They are “transversal” because they are not exclusively related to any particular context (job, occupation, academic discipline, […]


Monitoring and measuring lifelong and lifewide progress of adult learners

In 2018, LLLP joined a consortium of 5 organisations to start a new project called TaMPADA, which will be implemented until 2021. Partners are now launching its first achievement: an Evidence collection toolkit and framework for tracking and monitoring the progress of disadvantaged learners.

This is designed to be of great use to adult education training providers in showing evidence of quality design, implementation and impact of adult education. The […]



On November 13th, LLLP with the support of COMANITY project partners organised an EU Round Table on the very timely topic of ‘Skills for the Future of Youth work‘ in Brussels (agenda). It was the COMANITY project’s final conference. The event was therefore also a celebration of two years of fruitful collaborative work between the nine organisations that composed the partnership. Over 60 participants from across the EU attended and actively contributed to the discussions. 

See the photos of the event here

Joe […]


Evidence-based policy-making in education & training: a forced marriage between education and research?

August 12 – Aachen: LLLP joined the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) conference on ‘Thinking Tomorrow’s Education’.

In the renewed European context, it is timely to assess the role that evidence-based policy plays in education and, vice-versa, how research should (or should not) be used for policy-making. Research and education have always been closely linked, and it’s only natural that it is so: researchers and academia often operate in what is called the knowledge triangle: education, research […]


The EU and young people: take LLLP’s Survey

What do young people think of the EU? How much do they know about its structure and potential? What are their hopes for the future of Europe? These are some of the questions at the basis of the Study “Prejudices in schools. Youngsters and the EU: perceptions, knowledge and expectation”  implemented by three partner organisations: the Lifelong Learning Platform, OBESSU and JEF Europe on behalf of the European Economic and Social Committee.
The […]


LLLP reaction to MFF – an EU budget that empowers its citizens through learning and cooperation

On 2 May, the European Commission released its proposal for the 2021-2027 EU Multiannual Financial Framework. The Lifelong Learning Platform welcomes the steps towards a rational adjustment of spending in areas such as agriculture and the commitment to double the budget of Erasmus+ – a commendable first step to boost the inclusiveness and accessibility of this iconic EU programme in the field of education, training and lifelong learning. However, instead of an even more ambitious vision for the future of […]


How can educational research inform policy-making?

The Lifelong Learning Platform participated in a mobility learning activity at CICERO Learning, a network for distinguished researchers and research groups on learning based at the University of Helsinki. Andrew Todd, Policy and Advocacy Officer at the LLLPlatform, shares here his experience and insights on how innovative research can contribute to education policy.
How can educational research inform policy-making? This was a question at the forefront of my mind when I visited CICERO Learning at the University of Helsinki in […]