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European Platform on Learning Mobility, Youth

The European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM), joint initiative of the Council of Europe and Commission, focuses on the learning mobility of young people and of practitioners in the youth field, and particularly in various forms of youth work, which, in the view of the EPLM, should be supported by European youth policy. It focuses on non-formal learning with links to informal learning as well as to formal education. Learning mobility in this framework aims to increase participation, active […]


EUCA Quality Learning Mobility Project

EUCA’s proposal builds on the Erasmus+ program’s aim to form highly qualified and internationally experienced young people through learning mobility, by creating a pathway to excellence in the European Higher Education Area for talented students. Its aim is to guide students towards partnerships between Universities and residential colleges within a high quality learning environment that encourages the development of a dynamic mix of academic skills and soft skills provided by the non-formal educational opportunities in university colleges. Learn more about […]


Mov’in Europe: ESN initiative to promote mobility

With mobility projects, such as Erasmus+, European Voluntary Service, available internships and many other, there is a clear need expressed at the European level for the promotion of mobility. In 2014 the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) decided to support these needs by creating an international project called Mov’in Europe and thus engaging its volunteers in actively spreading the message that mobility is a lifestyle. The project will be implemented on all three levels of ESN, by organising events, such as mobility days, fairs, linguistic tandems, conferences […]


Learning Mobility in Erasmus+

Key Action 1 in the Erasmus+ Programme supports the learning mobility of individuals and targets students, trainees, apprentices, young people and volunteers as well as staff, youth workers and professionals in education, training and youth. It aims to improve professional and personal skills and competences of individuals and an increased cooperation and innovative ways of working with the target group of the participating organisations.


European Quality Charter for Mobility

Focusing on the quality aspects of mobility, the European Quality Charter for Mobility constitutes a reference document for stays abroad in order to ensure that participants, both young people and adults, have a positive experience. Its scope covers stays by young people and adults for the purposes of both formal and non-formal learning and hence for their personal and professional development. It offers guidance designed to respond to participants’ expectations and the legitimate requirements of education bodies and institutions. […]