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2007: Autonomy of universities in Europe, what for?

EUCIS-LLL organised an international conference on the autonomy of European universities during the European Education Fair held in Paris, on 23 November 2007. This conference was facilitated by our secretary general, Michel FEUTRIE, who is also president of the European University Continuing Education Network of contuining (EUCEN). It gathered around 150 persons to discuss about higher education reform in France in a European context. This case study led participants to discuss the ultimate goals of such reforms. Is an increased […]


2006: Non formal education, a project for the inhabitants in the city?

This seminar took place on 13 September 2006 in Lyon, France, in the frame of the Preparatory days of the IX International Congress of Educating Cities that was held on 14-17 September 2006 in Lyon, France. It was organized by EUCIS-LLL is close collaboration with French organisations: Ligue de lenseignement, CEMEA, Francas and Leo Lagrange. More than 160 persons came to discuss, exchange and compare, their reflections on the role of non formal education in the city and on its […]


2004: Skills for life, a Key to LLL

The Conference “Skills for life as the key to lifelong learning, towards achieving the Lisbon strategy”, held on 17 May 2004 in Brussels, was the culmination of the first year’s work of the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning. Representatives of its six member organisations, EAEA, EVTA, EFVET, EURO-WEA, SOLIDAR and CSR Europe, had worked together to identify key issues and analysed sixty examples of practice, from which 25 best practice examples had been selected to illustrate seven main requirements […]