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Teaching and learning in the digital era

Institutional news

The digital revolution is transforming our work, our organisations and our routines. It is transforming the way children and young people play, access information, communicate with each other and learn. But, so far, this revolution has not transformed most schools or most teaching and learning process in classrooms. Read the findings of the workshop held within the European Parliament.

Moving Corporate learning from good to great

The transformation lab Moving Corporate learning from good to great, led by EAPRIL, will take place on 23 November in Luxembourg, bringing together corporate representatives to discuss ways in which to connect practice and research in corporate learning. Seminars aim at accelerating change by mixing learning ingredients in peer-to-peer configurations, while mobilizing participants to a address business challenge and co-build solutions. Registrations are open.

And don’t forget EAPRIL’s Conference 2015!
The deadline to benefit from early bird rate will run until 10 September. So hurry up and register! The conference will take place in Luxembourg on 24-27 November.

Producing Open Online Learning System3: the POOLS- 3 Project

2 years ago EfVET was invited to take part in POOLS 3 project. From the very beginning they believed the project could be a real success because of the experience of the partners, the good communication and positive attitude that were felt in that meeting and in the ones that were held later, the innovation and quality of the products. The process of the project application development suggested how an effective, straightforward and rewarding cooperation it would be, based on a real ‘transfer of innovation’, applying very transparent, effective and efficient ways of managing the project. the outcomes produced have encouraghed teachers and students within the network to learn more languages and now they even feel motivated to apply POOLS-3 tools.

EPA celebrates 30 years!

The European Parents’ Association is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. The November conference, taking place in Luxembourg, is aiming at taking stock of the state of play and highlighting some of the areas to be developed in the field of parental involvement. The event will revisit the past 30 years, present the results of two recent Europe-wide surveys on parental involvement with special focus on the achievements of the past 15 years, adopt a Manifesto on the direction of parents representation for the years to come and give the floor to members to share their experiences and try to find answers to EPA questions. Keynote speakers will develop the importance of good cooperation between parents and school heads, discuss multilingualism as a solution to a number of crises in education systems and playfulness in school and family as a means of supporting learning. Registration is now open.

IAEC Focus Experience#21

The current edition of Focus Experience introduces the Youth Educating Summer Program, an initiative by which the Toluca Youth familiarize with their local government by participating in awareness campaigns. Through Focus Experience, IAEC brings you one of the more than 1.000 BIDCE’s experiences from different issues such as citizenship participation, leisure, lifelong learning, community development, sustainable development, intergenerational relationship, etc. Please note that IAEC’s Annual Conference 2016 will take place in february 2016.

FREREF Summer University

Education, Training, Enterprise, building together European citizens, that is the theme of FREREF’s Summer University 2015. The transformations our societies face today require profound changes in our view of economic, social and training development. Society is moving fast and requires new skills, which go beyond the framework of carrying on a job, which challenge the very idea of training and call for endorsing a continuous idea of learning. Sylvie GUILLAUME, vice-President of the European Parliament, Ernest MARAGALL, MEP and Bernard SOULAGE, Member of the Bureau of the Committee of Regions have been invited, among others, to discuss this topic. The event will take place in the University of Konstanz, 23-24 of September 2015. Hurry! Registrations are open until 7 September!

EESC Statement “Posisonous rhetoric is damaging the European construction”

During the Greek crisis and negotiations period, how much damage did we do to the European construction and the ideals it carries just by the words we used? Forgetting that words have a meaning, or using only a certain type of vocabulary? This is the issue Conny Reuter from SOLIDAR and EESC President Henri Malosse raised via the Liaison Group addresses in a statement published on 10 July 2015, reminding of us what the keystones of pluralism and democracy are.