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NECE CAMPUS 2021 – A creative, networking and digital space for citizenship education – call for projects

For the second time in a row, NECE (Networking European Citizenship Education), the European platform of citizenship educators, will launch the NECE CAMPUS 2021 to provide a platform for discussion, interaction and networking for stakeholders of citizenship education in Europe and beyond.
Set against a backdrop of continued disruption induced by the pandemic and the stark inequalities that have been subsequently exposed, and to a great extent exacerbated by the onset of the Covid crisis – the NECE campus […]


For a European Agency for Citizenship Education

SOLIDAR Foundation is fully endorsing the proposal to launch a European Agency for Citizenship Education (EACE) that was developed by Values Unite. The proposal puts the basis for an EU body that would focus solely on the promotion of a European dimension to citizenship education, ensuring that all learners have access to the opportunity to build up civic competences while also that EU values are instilled in all EU citizens, ensuring the sustainability of the European […]


ESU – Democratic Citizenship Education: Guidelines and Recommendations for implementation in Higher Education

Student representatives have an important and influential role in the national and institutional governance (design, decision making and implementation) processes of educational policy, curriculum and assessment. We hope that these guidelines and recommendations provide the right tool to incentivise student-led advocacy efforts for the enhancement of democratic citizenship education in Europe. 

Read the publication on this link.


SOLIDAR – Policy Paper on Global Citizenship Education

Cooperation, solidarity and interdependence emerged as crucial in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the crisis not only pushed people to more solidarity, but it also revealed systemic issues in how societies are organized.
The upcoming global challenges require a different system which implies structural change. However, the policy paper focuses only on education, and specifically on global citizenship education (GCE), which can align other sectors towards change.


DARE – Italian strategies for Global Citizenship Education

The International Cooperation Centre completed the translation of the document that defines the Italian multi-stakeholder and multi-level strategy on GCE. The translation – realised thanks to the financial contribution of AICS, within the project Nuove narrazioni per la cooperazione (New Narratives for International Cooperation) – is still unofficial, as it waits for the formal approval by the numerous subjects involved in the drafting of the original document in Italian.  

Thanks to the English version, however, the Italian reflection, practices, and debate scale up: we bring them to the international level, and the Italian case becomes part of the discussion on quality education, civic […]


Building Strength in Plurality in Global Citizenship Education

How can we be stronger together?

Bridge 47, in collaboration with Fingo, brings you this online training that offers an opportunity to make a reflective and proactive pause during these times shaken by Covid-19. The training aims to generate collective intelligence on Global Citizenship Education (GCE). GCE is broad and complex because it gathers diverse fields of action and cultural perspectives. There are many different ideas on what the problems are and how we should go about solving them.

This training will […]


Meeting of Ministers of Education: Citizenship education in the digital era

The Lifelong Learning Platform attended the high-level Meeting of Ministers of Education of the States Parties to the European Cultural Convention, organised under the French Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The meeting took place to address the theme “Citizenship education in the digital era”, at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.

LLLP was represented by its President Luis Costa, who addressed the Ministers and highlighted the importance of a lifelong learning approach to […]


Confronting Inequalities: The Role of Citizenship Education

Set against the ongoing drama of Brexit, NECE is coming to Glasgow in an attempt to explore the issue of inequalities and their effects on the development of young people’s political identity. We are particularly interested in the way in which deprivation (especially in the context of widening inequality) affects the thinking of young people with regard to themselves as citizens of a city, a country or of the international community.
If citizenship education supplies knowledge and promotes participation among structurally disadvantaged groups, […]