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Education, Youth Citizenship and Democratic Participation survey – Co-Operation Youth Vote project  

LLLP, together with JEF, OBESSU and Young Educators, launched a survey on European elections aimed at young Europeans (aged between 14 and 25), aimed at enhancing their participation during the upcoming European Elections.
This initiative is part of the COYV project (“Co-operation Youth vote: Enabling future active European citizens”) which aims to offer a space for training in the preparation of the 2024 European Parliament election. 
The Education, Youth Citizenship and Democratic Participation survey will explore the […]


CHOICE Project – Support the reform of the school curricula on STE(A)M education

LLLP is a partner in CHOICE, a European-funded project aimed at promoting and improving STEM education in schools. 
Through this project, students and teachers co-developed innovative Open Educational Resources (OERs).
All OERs are collected in a MOOC – Massive Open Online Course providing teachers with materials and instructions enabling them to teach STEM using a STE(A)M approach.
The key objectives of the project include on the one hand the promotion of the coordination and collaboration among education institutions, business, local authorities […]

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