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Policy recommendations on better inter-regional cooperation in lifelong learning

As the COMORELP project is coming to an end in August 2023, the Lifelong Learning Platform worked on a short Policy recommendation report. This Policy Recommendations Report exploits the lessons learnt throughout the COMORELP project, both in terms of lifelong learning policies shortcomings and improvement opportunities, and in terms of measures suggested to base future regional lifelong learning policies on better access to evidence and participatory monitoring of results.
The Recommendations are the result of interaction […]


TRANSVAL-EU – The policy and sustainability impact of the project

LLLP is partner in the TRANSVAL-EU project which is about the integration of transversal skills and competences into validation and guidance processes. Following 30 months of intense collaboration and work with the 27 partners in the project (16 full partners and 11 associate partners), the project ended on August 31st 2023. In this article, we will give an overview of the final project results.
The research results on the pilot experimentation of the field trials in 5 EU countries (Poland, Austria, […]

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