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Final Conference – Inclusion in Action: a holistic approach to inclusion

The INSCOOL II project’s final conference, held in Brussels on May 17, opened with setting a common definition and understanding of ‘inclusion’ in education. The British Council (Poland) – the project coordinator – outlined that inclusion is about welcoming and supporting the participation of learners in all their diversity and exceptionalities. Inclusion in education is a deep and complicated matter – an ongoing process which requires everyone’s dedication and active collaboration.
The conference’s keynote speaker – Dr. Chandrika Devarakonda […]


EUROCLIO and the House of European History – Writing History

Thanks to a standing partnership with EuroClio, the House of European History held a training workshop on 13-14 May, where LLLP representatives got to attend to grasp the basics of communicating about our shared history. Beside a plethora of learning materials, the workshop focused on the role of teachers in building a common identity, especially through non-formal and informal learning methodologies. 
From a dental clinic to the House of European History: How to tell the story/stories of Europe
A grand visual display […]

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