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LEAD! Project: MYSKILLS platform is online!

In 2017, there were around 35.67 million students with specific learning difficulties across the EU: 13.88 and 21.7 million in primary and secondary school respectively (EPALE, 2017). For this group, the rate of early school leaving is stark: 1 out of 4 students equates to 25%; a considerable leap from the general early school leaving rate which stands at just under 10%  (Eurostat, 2018). 
The LEAD! Project aims to identify and overcome the barriers that such students (aged 9-14) encounter […]


The New European Innovation Agenda needs a wider understanding of where innovation starts!

The European Commission’s recently adopted – New European Innovation Agenda – sets out a number of key actions to further the development of innovation ecosystems in Europe. As the communication rightly highlights, un-tapping Europe’s innovation potential presents a key hurdle to overcome in the bid to effectively navigate the twin green and digital transitions and to identify effective solutions to the most pressing societal and economic challenges.
Based on a range of core pillars, the initiative takes aim at a […]

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