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What of education in the European Semester’s 2022 Country Specific Recommendations?

On 23 May, the European Commission published its European Semester Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs) and Country Reports, part of the ‘Spring Package’. The CSRs are to guide the reforms and investment that EU Member States will perform in the coming year.
LLLP has written a reaction to the CSRs expressed in the most recent Semester package, related to education and training. Here, in short-form, we present some of the main points expressed in the reaction.

In general, […]


LLLP – FIELDS project – skills needs and VET mobility

Implementing the Skills Agenda in the Agriculture, Food and Forestry Sectors: Current and future skill needs for sustainability, digitalisation and the bio-economy

European and global challenges
The Food 2030 policy highlights the vulnerability of agri-production due to the globalisation of the markets, increasing competition, the prices volatility and the economic uncertainty along with the low incremental crop productivity. Those vulnerabilities are stressed by increasing demand for food and feed. On the other side, environmental concerns and climatic changes generate more […]

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