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LLLP-Cedefop Policy Forum on Community Lifelong Learning Centres

On 29 May Cedefop and LLLP in cooperation with the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU organised the policy forum “What role for Community Lifelong Learning Centres: the potential of one-stop-shops for preventing youth at risk from disconnecting”.

Building on the LLLP briefing paper Community Lifelong Learning Centres a gateway to multidisciplinary support teams and with participation from LLLP members, the event focused on how such centres, based in schools or other spaces in the local […]


European Alliance for Apprenticeships – From schools to work: the role of chambers

The role of lifelong learning in the VET sector is today more important than it has ever been. In a world that is heavily influenced by technological developments, our compass should adapt as well to the new paths.

Such was the topic of the EAfA Meeting “From schools to work – The role of chambers”, that took place in Prague and Mladá Boleslav on 20-21 May, a meeting that dwells into the implications which a changing labour market bears […]

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