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Lead! Fast forward against school dropout

The LEAD! Project (No more Specific Learning Disorders!) is closer to its final purpose: promoting inclusion of students with SLD (Specific Learning Disorders – dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dysorthography, and dyslexia).
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, and in order to ensure the smooth development of the activities and of the online platform hosting the training modules, a help desk and a community for families, schools and SLD students, the project was extended by 12 months.
During the last months, project partners have been […]


Surfing the momentum for lifelong learning opportunities: Individual Learning Accounts and Microcredentials

The need for adequate and equitable lifelong learning opportunities has gathered significant consensus in contemporary society. Aside from being a key policy tool in the effort to equip and re-equip the population with much needed upskilling and re-skilling opportunities, it is also a fundamental component in realising a sustainable future that is premised on the principles of active citizenship, learning for learning’s sake, critical thinking and inciting fruitful civic spaces. Establishing a culture of lifelong learning would deconstruct the idea […]

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