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LLLP Position paper 2021 – Recommendations – Rethinking Assessments: Prioritising Learners’ Wellbeing

All across Europe, the drive towards privatisation and marketisation of education has gathered steam. Our education systems are brashly depicted as an industry, as a source of profits, a zone of competitiveness, with countries, universities and schools ranked by performance indicators. In many instances, teachers and educators have been reduced to tools preparing learners for the labour market. It is not surprising that currently 47% of educators in the EU report quite a bit or a lot of stress at […]


Education for and as sustainability – Education for Climate Day

Education for sustainability
In the last few months, the role of education and training as a crucial tool to fight climate change has been widely recognised. For the first time, education ministers took part in the COP26, a move that had been long overdue and which should stay and permeate the agenda of future COP assemblies. Education and lifelong learning are key enablers for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the transformation of our societies. This […]

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