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The LLLPlatform advocates for the recognition of the specific role played by civil society organisations in public life. The engagement and activism of millions of citizens who freely and voluntarily join together in associations across Europe should be given institutional recognition.

The LLLPlatform also offers opportunities for capacity-building for its members. It is important to be able to understand European policies and their impact at the national level. This is why the Platform produces regular infonotes, organises brainstorming sessions, etc.

The LLLPlatform is both a member of Civil Society Groups and a partner of European Institutions. It also takes part in thematic alliances.

Civil Society Partners


Major European Networks of Associations joined forces to create Civil Society Europe, a permanent space for horizontal exchanges and a strong voice for paradigm shift to restore and promote the values of equality, solidarity, democracy and inclusiveness among EU Member States and its people. Civil Society Europe is determined to gain a permanent seat at the table of civil dialogue, to make sure the voice of civic associations and movements is heard, alongside the voice of the social partners and corporate interests.


On 18th April 2012, the LLLPlatform and the European Youth Forum, respectively represented by their president Gina Ebner and Peter Matjašič, signed a partnership agreement in the platform’s offices. This new partnership implies that the two organisations will develop their cooperation by supporting each other through exchanging competencies and experiences, sharing their good practices and positions and regularly attend each other’s events and activities. The LLLPlatform and the YFJ had already set up together in 2010 an informal working group on the future programmes for education, training and youth.

SDGS watch europe

Since the adoption of the Agenda 2030, the Lifelong Learning Platform has shown its commitment by entering the SDG Watch Europe network. SDG Watch Europe is a new, EU-level, cross-sectoral CSO alliance of NGOs from development, environment, social, human rights and other sectors. Its goal is to hold governments to account for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). The LLLP will be an observer, assessing the advancement of SDGs #4 and #8.

The Good Lobby offers pro bono law, policy or advocacy services relating to EU public policy. It connects volunteers to NGOs, matching skills and needs of no-profit organisations with its pool of lawyers.  Academics, professionals and students join the network of skilled volunteers to help NGOs collaboration towards accomplishing their aim. The LLLP and The Good Lobby agreed on a partnership towards the campaign #Erasmusx10

Interns Go Pro

InternsGoPro’s mission is to boost youth employment in Europe by promoting internships that truly help students & graduates develop skills & get a job. IGP creates transparency on internship practices through online ratings and reward the best employers with the European Label for Best Internships. The Lifelong Learning Platform is committed to these goals and has put in place a partnership towards the full development of interns. As of 2017, the LLLPlatform has been awarded with the European Label for Best Internships.

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) is a unique platform which brings together governments with other key stakeholders, like businesses, social partners, chambers, vocational education and training (VET) providers, regions, youth representatives or think tanks. The common goal is to strengthen the quality, supply and image of apprenticeships in Europe.


The Pact for Youth is a mutual engagement of business and the European Union leaders. Initiated by CSR Europe, it brings together representatives for business, education and youth, and the European institutions.

consumer classroom

Consumer Classroom is a community website for teachers bringing together an extensive library of consumer education resources from across the EU, along with interactive and collaborative tools to help prepare and share lessons with students and other teachers.

civil society contact group

The Civil Society Contact Group brings together 8 important platforms (social, international solidarity, human rights, sustainable development, women, culture, public health and lifelong learning). Together, they represent hundreds of European NGOs and thousands of national affiliate organisations. The CSCG aims to develop and promote dialogue between civil society organisations and European institutions as an essential contribution to the strengthening of participatory democracy in Europe.

The LLLPlatform is regularly involved in the activities of the Learning for Well-Being Group. The vision of L4WB is one of inclusive and supportive societies where children, young people and adults respect each other as competent partners and learn how to realise their unique potential throughout their lives.

Institutional partners


The LLLPlatform mainly works with the DG EAC of the European Commission, closely following European policies and programmes on education and training. It contributes to the annual Forum on Education, Training and Youth, we are a member of the EQF Advisory Group, a member of the Thematic Working Group on Tranversal Skills and the LLLPlatform meets regurlarly the head of units and directors of the DG EAC.


The Platform also follows the work of DG EMPL and its policies linked to the Agenda for new skills and jobs and the Platform against poverty and social exclusion. It is a member of the Stakeholders’ Dialogue group of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.


The LLLPlatform closely follows developments in the Digital Agenda (DG DIGITAL) and more particularly on digital inclusion. It was a member of the multi-stakeholders platform for digital literacy and e-inclusion.

European Parliament logo

The Platform mainly works with the Culture and Education (CULT) Committee and the Employment and Social Affairs Committee (EMPL). Its work with Members of the European Parliament has recently been developed through the Lifelong Learning Interest Group, created in partnership with EAEA and chaired by MEP Sirpa Pietikainen (EPP, S&D).


The Platform also cooperates closely with the European Economic and Social Committee as member of the Liaison Group with organised civil society organisations. The platform is also a member of the European Economic and Social Committee Liaison Group. This group aims to guarantee a coordinated approach of the Committee vis-a-vis European civil society organisations and networks and to follow common initiatives. The creation of this group is part of a general ambition of the EESC to reinforce its cooperation with European civil society organisations.

As of April 2017, the Lifelong Learning Platform has joined the European Social Fund  Transnational Cooperation Network, looking forward to boost transnational cooperation in the skills sector.

Media Partners


Elm (European Lifelong Learning Magazine) is a free online magazine on lifelong learning and adult education. It is the only journalistic medium of adult education with a European scope and with a continent-wide correspondent network.



The aim of the Open Education Europa portal is to offer access to all existing European Open Educational Resources in different languages in order to be able to present them to learners, teachers and researchers.