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EU projects

The Lifelong Learning Platform can provide a valuable contribution to your projects in several ways (advocacy services, state of the art services, consultancy, dissemination and communication, network expertise, liaison with EU institutions, etc.) as a full partner, associate partner or subcontractor.

LLLP in ‘Open Your Eyes’ Project (2018-2020)

The LLLPlatform is partner in the two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project “Open Your Eyes: Fake News for Dummies”, involving seven partners from six European countries, which seeks to improve the digital literacy of adult learners by providing them with tools to identify fake news and fight the spread of disinformation online. After compiling a database of best practices, the partners train adult educators who will in turn deliver “Check IT Out” Labs to willing adult learners. The data and initiatives collected will be available on the project website, together with policy recommendations.

Coordinator: Nikanor – Bulgaria

Partners: OpenEurope – Spain; UPI – Slovenia; ADR Nord-Est – Romania; EU DisinfoLab – Belgium; LLLPlatform – Belgium; DLearn – Italy

LLLP is partner in the COMANITY Project (2017-2019)

The LLLPlatform is partner in the Erasmus+ KA3 ‘Support for Policy Reform’ – Social Inclusion project ‘COMANITY’ of which the kick-off meeting took place on the 26-27th of February in 2018. The 2-year project involving 9 European partners from 5 EU countries will develop a new ‘Community Animateur’ role and training programme, which aim is to bridge the existing gap between marginalised young people and public institutions such as youth services. By acting as a social mediator, the animateur will therefore contribute to the overall improvement of his/her community.

Coordinator: Arcola Research – UK

Partners: Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR) – Spain; Comune di Perugia – Italy; – Greece; Borgorete – Italy; LLLPlatform – Belgium; Docklands Outreach – UK; Mind2Innovate – Greece; Documenta – Spain

LLLP is partner in the DIGIT Project (2017-2019)

The LLLPlatform is partner in​ the Erasmus+ KA2 “DIGIT” project of which the kick-off meeting took place on 27-28 November 2017 in Warsaw. With partners stemming from seven different EU countries, the project will last for two years and will seek to boost digital competences for a responsible use of online identity. Through this project, the consortium aims at investigating digital identity implications for adults and providing the necessary educational instruments and supporting tools for adult educators.

Project coordinator: INnCREASE (Poland)

Partners: DomSpain (Spain), DLearn (Italy), Platon (Greece), UPI (Slovenia), Inova (United Kingdom) and the LLLPlatform (Belgium)

LLLP coordinates the InnoVal Project (2016-2018)

The LLLPlatform is managing the Erasmus+ KA2 project InnoVal (Innovative Assessment Methods for Validation). InnoVal aims to address the urgent need to offer valid and reliable assessment methods that allow all learners to have a chance at validation, with a special focus on the needs of disadvantaged groups such as refugees and early school leavers. After a needs analysis in partner countries and the collection of cases studies and videos from innovative validation practitioners, the partners are preparing a training programme and OERs which will be available on the InnoVal online learning platform accessible through the project website.

Project coordinator: LLLPlatform (Belgium) 

Partners: Dafni Kek (Greece), EIESP (France), ANESPO (Portugal), EUCEN (Spain), and UCLL (Belgium)

Associated partner: Bertelsmann Stiftung (Germany)


Past projects

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– GR-EAT Guidelines for Recognition: European Advanced Tool (2014-2016) –

– Building Learning Societies (2013-2015) – 

– CB4LLP Capacity-Building for the Lifelong Learning Programme (2012-2014) –