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DIMELI4AC: 6 themes to promote digital media literacy at school

On February 17-18 DIMELI4AC partners flew to Pallini (Greece) to discuss the work done in the past few months and decide on the next steps towards the implementation of the DIMELI@SCHOOL programme.

DIMELI4AC is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which aims to promote the development of digital media literacy (DML) and critical thinking skills among students aged 10 to 15 with the support of their parents, teachers and schools.

After concluding the initial research stage and finalizing a Competence Framework, DIMELI4AC partners have been hard […]


LLLP Awarded as Best Employer

On February 14th, the LLLPlatform was awarded by Trusted Jobs as the 2nd best employer in Brussels! The ceremony took place in the context of the POLITICO Job Fair ad was hosted by Trusted Jobs, the new social enterprise that allows employees and trainees to rate their employer, thus giving employment a new democratic dimension.

For the first time, people working in EU Affairs got to have a say on their working conditions and can improve the work culture […]


LLLAwards 2020 – Applications open!

In 2016, the Lifelong Learning Platform launched the Lifelong Learning Awards to celebrate creative and inclusive practices. The aim of the Lifelong Learning Award is to give visibility to innovative practices taking place all over Europe in order to attract public attention on lifelong learning as well as to inspire new practices and policies. The Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) will select each year its annual specific priority that can be linked to the European year if the theme is relevant.

For the LLLAwards […]


Happy birthday LLLP – 15 years of success in inclusive education

On 3 February 2005, the first General Assembly founded the European Civil Society Platform for Lifelong Learning. Today, 15 years later, the Lifelong Learning Platform established itself as one of the main interlocutors in European policies for education and training.

Today we begin the celebrations for 15 years of achievements, successes, and civil society cross-sector cooperation and representation.


ET2020 Framework – Have your say with our survey!

LLLP has just launched a survey on the EU Education and Training (ET2020) framework!

The survey aims to gather the views of education and training stakeholders on the ET2020 framework, feeding into a short study that LLLP will publish as own initiative with a “shadow report” for the ET2020 Monitor. LLLP has selected five countries to target: Slovenia, Ireland, Austria, Romania & Portugal and three specific areas of the framework to assess: early school leaving, inclusive education, and adult learning.

The survey is available […]


Educational robotics for students and teachers: bring on STEM skills!

On January 23-24, CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS partners flew to the north of Sweden to discuss the work of the past six months and discuss the next steps ahead.

CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which aims to promote the development of STEM skills among students aged 9-12 through the channel of educational robotics (in particular through the LEGO Boost set).

In the second half of 2019, CODESKILLS4ROBOTICS partners have focused on finalising one of the core project results: a comprehensive Educational Back […]


COMANITY, a new programme for youth and social inclusion

For two years, the Lifelong Learning platform cooperated with 8 organisations (university, research centers, municipality, social cooperative, NGOs) from across the EU to develop a new inclusive programme for youth workers and young people, the COMANITY programme. As the European project is coming to its end and because it was such a great and successful programme, we want to give it a legacy. That’s why we are launching this call […]


Event report – “Inclusion at schools: from policy to practice”

On the 6th of December, in the frame of the 2019 LLLWeek, the “Inclusion at schools: from policy to practice” (agenda) event took place at VLEVA, the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe. It was organised by LLLP with the support of Inscool project partners and EVBB, the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training.

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On November 13th, LLLP with the support of COMANITY project partners organised an EU Round Table on the very timely topic of ‘Skills for the Future of Youth work‘ in Brussels (agenda). It was the COMANITY project’s final conference. The event was therefore also a celebration of two years of fruitful collaborative work between the nine organisations that composed the partnership. Over 60 participants from across the EU attended and actively contributed to the discussions. 

See the photos of the event here

Joe […]


PISA 2018 Results: A wake-Up call to put Wellbeing not numbers at the heart of policy-making

December 3, Brussels – The OECD PISA 2018 and of the EU results were launched on the 3 December in Brussels. The Lifelong Learning Platform participated in the launching event which confirmed our biggest concern: pupils’ wellbeing is a major challenge. While PISA focuses on fundamental competencies such as reading, mathematics, and sciences it also looks at the general satisfaction of pupils with school experience.

Building on a detailed analysis, the report shows that the number of underachieving […]