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Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport for 2014-2020. It brings together seven previous programmes, among them the Lifelong Learning Programme, Youth in Action and Erasmus Mundus. The Lifelong Learning Platform follows up on the advancement of Erasmus+ and advocates for a better access and transparency of the programme and more coordination and harmonisation between National Agencies.

Each year, the Lifelong Learning Platform publishes an online survey aimed to assess the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme. It shares the results with the European Union and the National Agencies in order to push for a simplification and harmonisation of the programme. In partnership with the European Youth Forum, it also runs a Coalition of Stakeholders that aim to share the views of stakeholders on the Mid-Term Review of the Multiannual Financial Framework and of the EU programmes.


  • New publication – Erasmus+ Implementation Survey Report 2018

    Eager to know what beneficiaries of Erasmus+ think of the programme? The LLLPlatform runs an annual review of the Erasmus+ programme implementation and shares its results with policy-makers to enhance the application process and the content of the programme. This survey is conducted by the LLLPlatform to evaluate how EU networks have experienced the past round of applications of the Erasmus+ programme: what do you think of Erasmus+? Are you satisfied with its new features? What problems did you encounter? What […]

  • CULT Committee adopts report on Erasmus: strong call for LLL approach

    In the context of the MFF negotiations, the LLLPlatform is happy to share yet another milestone achievement! The European Parliament’s CULT Committee adopted its report on the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ programme!
    This report, pending the final adoption in the Plenary on 25 March, outlines the Parliament’s position ahead of the “trilogue” negotiations with the European Commission and Council of the EU for the definition of the new Erasmus+ programme.
    The Lifelong Learning Platform is particularly happy because we see our advocacy efforts, […]

  • Statement – The Future of the Erasmus Plus

    The Lifelong Learning Platform: European Civil Society for Education welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for the next Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027), including the commitment to double the budget, widen access to smaller organisations through “small-scale partnerships” and improve outreach to learners with fewer opportunities and resources. Building on prior statements, we nevertheless perceive two main areas of the proposal which require clarification and further commitment to ensure the programme delivers a high impact and added value for Europe’s learners.

  • New – European Commission publishes the 2019 Erasmus+ Work Programme

    Today the European Commission published the 2019 Erasmus+ Work Programme.
    Next year, the programme will particularly aim to support the implementation of the European Education Area, with calls for European Universities, Centres of vocational excellence and support for implementing the European Student Card.
    The Lifelong Learning Platform welcomes the overall budget increase to 3 billion euros, from 2.7 billion euros in 2018. However, we call for the new European Education Area initiatives to be carefully implemented on the basis […]

  • PDW18 – 10 potential project leaders are looking for a partnership with you

    10 organisations are looking for partners in their European consortium on skills to apply for the upcoming Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership and KA3 Policy reforms calls.
    If you are interested in an international cooperation and feel like being a potential partner in an innovative project on skills, you can apply for one of the following project ideas until 30 September 2018 (midnight). On 5 October 2018 you will know whether you were selected to participate in the project development […]

  • Launch of the Erasmus+ Survey 2017

    The Lifelong Learning Platform has launched this year’s Erasmus+ Survey! The LLLPlatform makes an annual review of the Erasmus+ programme implementation and shares its results with policy-makers to enhance the application process and the content of the programme. This survey is conducted by the LLLPlatform to evaluate how beneficiaries have experienced the past round of applications of the Erasmus+ programme: we asked targeted European NGOs what they think of the Erasmus+, whether they very satisfied with the new features of the application procedure, […]

  • New! Joint contribution on the Future of Erasmus+

    This paper outlines the vision of the Erasmus+ Coalition on the future generation of the Erasmus+ programme based on its current implementation and potential areas for improvement. The Erasmus+ Coalition, set up in 2015 by the Lifelong Learning Platform and European Youth Forum, is an informal alliance of civil society organisations with extensive experience in working with Erasmus+ and previous generations of the programme. Both organisations coordinate dialogue between the EU institutions and civil society organisations across […]

  • Project Development Workshop 2018 – Submit your project ideas and build your own consortium!

    The Project Development Workshop is back! This year, with a catch-it-all topic: “Education rethought: make it happen!”. Do you have a great idea for an innovative European Project on new ways of educating? Whether it is in higher education, school or vocational education and training, adult education, youth or sport: get ready to set up your European project proposal and benefit from EU funding from the Erasmus+ programme.
    Mark Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November 2018 in your agenda. The ReSET Task Force […]

  • BETA Europe – Interview with David López


    This interview appeared on BETA Europe’s March newsletter
    Tell us a bit about yourself – your academic background, and how your career path led you to Lifelong Learning Platform?
    Education is the revolving centre of my personal and professional path; it has always been and will continue to guide my actions. My studies focused broadly on civilisation and language, but also in administration, economics and most of all social studies. I was originally a teacher in primary school, and […]

  • Mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ Programme published

    The European Commission has published the mid-term evaluation report of the Erasmus+ Programme. The evaluation builds on over a million responses to questions related to the most well-known programme of the Union, and it establishes itself as the most comprehensive and recent source of evidence.
    The main highlights from the Commission are:

    Erasmus+ is felt as to be supportive in both employment terms and active citizenship
    Evidence shows that Erasmus+ is more coherent, relevant and partly more efficient and simpler than its predecessors.
    The evaluation makes a […]

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