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The LLLPlatform’s members are very active, regularly organising seminars and debates, as well as there Annual Conferences or trainings.

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  • LLLWeek18 – Lifelong Learning Culture in the European Parliament

    The 8th edition of the Lifelong Learning Week took place in the European Parliament on 3-7 December 2018. It was a dense week of debates, discussions and reflections upon the LLLP’s theme of the year: Lifelong Learning Culture: A partnership for rethinking education.

    The week kicked-off with a lively LLL Civil Society Forum in the splendid Fondation Universitaire. Civil society organisations active in education and training debated their own role vis-à-vis the latest EU policy, and their contribution […]

  • 2019 ATEE Winter Conference on STEM Education

    The 2019 ATEE Winter Conference – Braga, April 15th-17th – focuses on Science and Mathematics Education in the 21st century. Check here the presentation flyer and visit the website for more information. 

    It aims at fostering a deep discussion of the following issues related to the conference theme:

    Innovative approaches to teaching science / mathematics
    Technologically enhanced science / mathematics education
    Science / mathematics education and the STEM agenda
    Science / mathematics education in multicultural and inclusive schools
    Science / mathematics teacher education in a changing world
    21st […]

  • SAVE THE DATE – Strategy/Job/Society for VET – Venice may 28th 2018 – Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista

    EVTA (European Vocational Education and Training Association) and ENAIP NET, the Italian consortium of regional Enaip bodies, promote the event “Strategy/Job/Society for VET”, which will be held in Venice on the 28th of May in the majestic location of Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista.
    Distinguished keynote speakers will debate on VET’s future trends within nowadays ever-changing society and labour market:

    Joao Santos, Deputy Head of Unit VET Vocational training, Apprenticeship & Adult Learning – D.G. Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at European […]

  • EVTA and EfVET to organise event for EXPLAIN and MODERN on June 9th in Brussels 

    EVTA and EfVET will showcase two interesting projects on June 9th in Brussels.
    EXPLAIN seeks to provide teachers will tools and methods to better propagate a message. The MODERN project aims to help you teach more effectively through incorporating new digital learning tools into your day to day teaching delivery. The project consortium has identified, assessed and categorised the latest and best digital learning tools. It is the only website in the world that has actually had real […]

  • A more socially just Europe for children and parents?

    EPA General Assembly and International Conference : A more socially just Europe for children and parents? will be taking place on April 22th and 24th, 2017 in Paphos, Cyprus.
    On 25 March the heads of EU states will gather for an informal summit in Rome to make major decisions on the future or Europe. As President Juncker has declared, from now on they wish to focus on achieving a social AAA rating for Europe. The European Commission is promising to release a White Paper […]

  • Decent Future for Today’s Youth: Final conference of the WOW Project

    The continuous crisis has claimed a lot of victims, with young people being particularly vulnerable and resulting in 14 million young people who are not in employment, education or training. In the course of the project young NEETs, youth workers, and volunteers became empowered through peer-to-peer learning to engage in social and democratic processes in their local communities to better advocate for youth rights and access to quality employment opportunities. During the final conference on 7 December in Brussels, the […]

  • EUROCLIO Annual Conference: Intersections: How can history education change today?

    The conference will take place in San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain on 2-7 April 2017. The conference will build around several key themes and topics to reflect on the prospects and challenges posed by the key question “How can History Education Change Today?” through a close look at the intersections of past & present, local & global perspectives. This thematic question is motivated by the current challenges in Europe and the rest of the world is facing where the role […]

  • EAV Breakfast Meeting on the New Skills Agenda in relation to volunteering

    The European Alliance for Volunteering (EAV) is organising its second Policy Breakfast on 7 December in Mundo J from 8.30 to 9.30 am.  This meeting is jointly organised with two members of the Alliance: the European Youth Forum and WOSM. The main aim of this meeting is to coordinate our advocacy work on the current EU initiatives on volunteering for the year ahead and the follow up of the New Skills Agenda. The need to have this short, but hopefully effective meeting, […]

  • EU Funding for Young Researchers at EAPRIL Conference

    EAPRIL’s Annual Conference 2016 held in Porto on 22-25 November gathered over 300 participants, mainly teachers, practitioners and researchers. The focus was on digitalisation in education. Innovative competence assessment projects from Serbia, Netherlands and Belgium were the nominees of the Best Research and Practices Awards this year; The Netherlands won with the project “Guiding Effective Student Questioning.” LLLP Director attended the event contributing with a session dedicated to EU funding for young researchers together with European Association of Erasmus […]

  • Open Space 2017: Registrations are open

    Registrations are open for the 2017 edition of EUF’s Open Space! This training event will take place at the University of Naples Federico II, on 26-28 June 2017. It aims at supporting stakeholders gain knowledge in Erasmus+ funding and on how to develop EU projects. More information and registrations here.

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