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Today, the concept of “lifelong learning” (LLL) might be widely used, but its meaning differs according to whom is using it. According to the LLL-P, lifelong learning covers education and training across all ages and in all areas of life be it formal, non-formal or informal. It shall enable citizen’s emancipation and full participation in society in its civic, social and economic dimensions. The idea of organising Lifelong Learning Weeks aims to raise awareness on Lifelong Learning in Europe and to put forward the need to adopt a holistic approach at all levels of decision-making, implementation and evaluation. This is necessary if we want the EU to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy as set in the Europe 2020 strategy.

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logo_lllweek_2016The LLLPlatform will be holding its 6th Lifelong Learning Week (LLLWeek) on 10-13 October 2016 in Brussels. This year the LLLWeek will be run in partnership with the European Youth Forum. It is also supported by the LLL Interest Group and the Youth Intergroup. Activities and events will this year be organised around three strands:  1) Learning to Live Together; 2) 21st Century Skills; 3) Flexible Learning Pathways

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programme_lllweek2015_last minute changesThe 5th edition of the LLL Week was held from 30 November to 4 December, in and out of the European Parliament, and under the patronage of MEP Krystyna Lybacka (S&D, PL). This year’s hot topics were:



Past LLL Week

  • LLLAwards2016: Celebrating Creative and Inclusive Intiatives in Lifelong Learning!

    The Lifelong Learning Platform has launched the Lifelong Learning Awards to celebrate creative and inclusive practices during its Lifelong Learning Week 2016.
    In 2016, the Lifelong Learning Platform will focus on the first priority of its Lifelong Learning Manifesto: “Building inclusive and democratic educational systems”. This priority covers different important issues such as citizenship and global education, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, fighting prejudices and discrimination, educational institutions democratic governance and learner participation, learning mobility for all and the use of arts […]

  • 2015: Investing in education for inclusive societies

    The 5th edition of the LLL Week was held from 30 November to 4 December, in and out of the European Parliament. The LLLWeek2015 was also the opportunity for the LLLPlatform to launch its new Manifesto on Building the future of learning in Europe.
    “A humanistic and holistic approach of learning, from cradle to grave, is of continued relevance in today’s world and a viable foundation for the rethinking of education in knowledge intensive societies. Adopting a vision, whose rationale is not limited to […]

  • 2014: Building Together the Future of Learning

    EUCIS-LLL organised successfully its 4th Lifelong Learning Week from 2 to 11 December, with the support of Julie Ward (S&D, UK). The name of the Week is rightly associated with our Manifesto “Building together the future of learning.” Namely, the topics discussed at our main events of the Week were rooted in the three pillars, focusing on the issue of efficiency and equity when it comes to funding of education, tackling exclusion and inequalities in education and training and validation of non-formal and […]

  • 2013: Preparing for EU Elections

    This year, the Week had a particular focus on the upcoming European Elections of Spring 2014. At this occasion EUCIS-LLL launched its Manifesto for the European elections and many events took place in order to provide ideas on how to modernise education and training systems in Europe.
    Civil Society Meeting Place
    EUCIS-LLL members had stands from 2 to 6 December at the European Parliament. Animations and other activities were organised during the whole week.
    The 10 finalists pictures of EUCIS-LLL contest on “The Future of […]

  • 2012: Rethinking skills, a civil society perspective

    The aim of Lifelong Learning Week, organised for the first time in 2011 by EUCIS-LLL, is to raise awareness on the social dimension of education and training, as the important factor to reach the headline targets of Europe 2020 in this field. With this year edition, we wanted to tackle topics such as active inclusion, social innovation, equity and social cohesion in all forms of education and training, with the intention of putting an emphasis on the development of peoples’ […]

  • 2011: Different Pathways to Learning

    During the Week, EUCIS-LLL and its members organised an exhibition on «Different pathways to learning» within the European Parliament.
    Different events also took place during the Week to raise awareness on Lifelong Learning and on the various actors that contribute to make it a reality for all European citizens. A special focus was on the need to ring the alarm bell on austerity measures that particularly endanger the equity and effeciency of our education and training systems. It was also […]

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