The second edition of the YES (Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit) Conference will take place in Brussels on 27 September under the motto ‘Ready to build a sustainable future? Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas.’ Organised by EARLALL and Tuscany Region, the event will feature interventions by regional representatives, EU institutions and relevant stakeholders, with the objective of fostering the exchange of views and best practices and promoting rural development.
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YES – Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit – was promoted by Giovanisì-Regione Toscana and by the Tuscany Region Brussels Liaison Office, as part of the EARLALL’s Working Group on Youth Policies coordinated by the Tuscany Region’s Ministry of Education, Training and Labour Policies. The conference revolved around regional initiatives to promote entrepreneurial culture and Entrecomp among young people, focusing on the school‑to‑work transition period and solutions for unemployment.
In its second edition, under the motto “Ready to build a sustainable future,” the YES conference […]