The validation of non-formal and informal learning is a key issue for the Platform. Coherence in lifelong learning strategies means building bridges between formal, non-formal and informal learning. This focus on flexible learning pathways has led in the past years to an increased attention paid to the validation and recognition of learning that takes place outside formal systems. On 20 December 2012 the Council of the EU adopted a Recommendation on Validation of non-formal and informal learning for an increased […]

Marking the closing of the Erasmus+ funded project CGrow (“Coloured Glasses: Expanding Intercultural Education”), this Conference will bring together practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers to build on the project’s results and explore key questions regarding the role that intercultural education plays in our fast-changing and increasingly diverse society.
How should we promote active global citizenship in school contexts and beyond? What role should intercultural education play in supporting diversity and inclusion? How can non-formal and formal education work in synergy […]