The 50th EUCEN conference celebrates the growth and evolvement of university lifelong learning through the past decades, and looks info future opportunities in times of transition. Increasing internationalization, cultural diversity, mobility and digitalization are global trends with huge impact on individuals, work life and educational institutions.
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The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) together with its partner organization European Vocational Training Association (EVTA) will organize their next annual conference in Sofia hosted by the Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centre State Enterprise (DBBZ).
Both European organizations, EVBB and EVTA are part of the expert group of GD Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and are thus well-established and committed partners as European networks defending the interests of European VET providers. In addition, EVBB coordinates one of the working […]

On June 6th, The Lifelong Learning Interest Group will meet again to focus on broadening what we understand as a learning environment beyond only the formal sector (e.g. schools, universities) to also include spaces like adult learning centres, youth and community-based organisations, NGOs, cultural institutions and businesses. LLLP and EAEA strive to promote a modern and inclusive approach to lifelong learning where collaborative partnerships are encouraged. The meeting will also reflect on the various policy proposals that the European Commission has […]