The Mediterranean Sea has often been depicted as the cradle of world civilisations. The sea is known in English and the Romance languages as the sea “between the lands”, but historically the Mediterranean Sea has gone by many names. The Romans have called it Mare Nostrum (Our Sea); in Arabic and Turkish the sea is often referred to as the White Sea (al-Bahr al-Abyad and Akdeniz, respectively); in Hebrew, it is called Yam Gadol (Great Sea), and in German Mittelmeer […]

eucen and the Lifelong Learning Platform are organising a Consultation in Brussels on Thursday 26 April (morning) in connection to our project HE4u2. In the afternoon of the same day we will have our Policy Talks, which this year will be also discussing the topic of cultural diversity. Here you can find a preliminary programme for both activities, that will take place on April 26 in Mundo J
If you are working in the area of […]