Media Education Conference (MEC 2019) will be arranged 24 – 26 April 2019 in Salla, Lapland, Finland.

MEC (former NBE) is an informal and friendly conference which participants attend to exchange ideas and information dealing with media education, educational use of ICTs and learning environments. MEC is organized by the Centre for Media Pedagogy at the University of Lapland, Finland. In 2019 MEC will return to the familiar location in Sallatunturi, in the Salla Ski Resort in Eastern Lapland, but this […]

While the 2019 European Parliament elections are approaching, EURASHE teamed up with the #thistimeimvoting campaign to address the importance of voting and to discuss the role of Higher Education in today’s society.
We invite you to take part in EURASHE’s Afternoon debate “Higher Education in Europe: Play to Win”, which will take place on the 29th of April 2019 from 14:30 to 18:00 at the European Parliament.
Participation is free of charge, but places are limited.
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VPL gives visibility and value to all forms of learning and seeks to uncover and unlock latent talent in the workforce and in society. The biennale is for policy makers, researchers, users, practitioners, and other stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of Validation of Prior Learning. It`s about sharing knowledge, ideas and visions of VPL, learning from each other`s experiences and creating viable solutions in the ‘VPL world’.
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EURASHE invites you to register for its 29th Annual Conference “Future Students. Future Universities. Future Jobs. Professional Higher Education in the changing world”, which will be held on 16-17 May in Budapest, Hungary.
HE professional and students, European businesses and public institutions are all invited to attend the conference and share their ideas, experiences and inspiring practices.
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This year’s annual ESF Transnational Platform event will take place on 21 and 22 May in Brussels. This will be our closing event, as the ESF Transnational Platform has now entered its final stage of implementation. As such it will be a key moment for our community and this year the aim is to extend the appeal of the conference beyond the 9 ESF Thematic Network to gather participants from ESF managing authorities, policy-makers, stakeholders at EU and national levels, […]

Elections to the European Parliament 2019
The European Parliament (EP) elections in 2019 will take place all over Europe during 23 – 26 May 2019. If you are interested in learning more about the EP elections, please register at the This Time I’m Voting campaign below!
You are currently abroad?
Every member state is partially free to choose their own voting system which can make it really hard to find out how to vote, especially if a person is not living in a country where […]

Along two days, this conference will explore the phenomenon of disinformation and information disorder, from its roots to technical and regulatory responses. The event will gather the community of experts working on disinformation, people who concretely build tools to create knowledge and cross-expertise.
During the conference, many of these initiatives will be presented, as well as concrete case studies of disinformation campaigns and civil society initiatives responding to this phenomenon. 

Don’t miss the opening keynote live from Renée di Resta (New Knowledge) […]

LLLP and Cedefop are organising this policy forum to explore the potential of community lifelong learning centres as one-stop shops for preventing young people at risk and early leavers from education and training from disconnecting. The event will be hosted by the Romanian Presidency of the Council in its permanent representation to the EU in Brussels.
This policy form will involve the participation of approximately 80 Brussels-based stakeholders from the permanent representations of Member States to the EU, the European Commission, […]

University Lifelong Learning to live a better life – Continuing Education for sustainable Quality of Life in Europe
The 51st eucen conference addresses the enrichment of Life through higher education, exploring the effects of 50 years of University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) and continuing education on work and life.
These stakeholders need to address transversal and oriented competencies to the labour market as well as make an effort towards the increase of consistency of the knowledge behind the competences, so a coherent background is produced. As this endeavour […]