What is an active citizen? What is the impact of your activism? How does the shift from a local campaign to a global campaign happen?
These are some of the questions that we will try to answer during the event: How big is your Active Citizen footprint? Active Citizens: from the local to the global level.
The event will be held on 19 February 2018 from 18:00 – 20:00 at Volonteurope and European Civic Forum‘s Brussels office at 4-6 Rue de Pascale, 1040, […]

Many local and national governments worldwide are using crowdsourcing methods to enable people to participate in policy debates in a constructive way and to learn from each other throughout the deliberation process (“wisdom of the crowd” principle).
Digital Democracy Day 2018  is being organised in the framework of the EUCROWD project, under the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Commission, and will focus on how to encourage democratic engagement by exploring several national case studies and establishing a framework for an […]

The European Migration Forum – the dialogue platform on migration, asylum and migrant integration – will meet for the fourth time in March 2018.
Participation in the Forum meeting is by invitation only.
The deadline for submitting your expression of interest to participate in the European Migration Forum 2018 is over. We thank you for your interest. For any other information you may contact the Forum Secretariat at eu-migration-forum@eesc.europa.eu.
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Access to the European Association Summit

2 days packed with workshops, panel discussions and lectures
Interactive meeting format to make the most of your presence
A variety of topics that should find every association’s interest
Coffee breaks, lunches, networking dinner and farewell cocktail

Speaker line-up includes:

Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the Regions
GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens, Secretary General – Leading European network on cultural management and policy
Zsuzsanna Bódi, Association Manager – European Network […]

The pan-European ALL DIGITAL Week is following in the footsteps of Get Online Week organised in 2010-2017. It is an annual digital empowerment campaign run at digital competence centres, libraries, schools, community centres and non-for-profits across Europe, bringing 100,000 Europeans every year in exciting online and offline events tackling digital transformation and its effects.

Supported by corporations, NGOs and public authorities, the campaign is organized each year in March by ALL DIGITAL (formerly Telecentre-Europe), an umbrella organisation that represents European […]

EURASHE and the IUT of Le Havre with the Assemblée des Directeurs d’Institut Universitaire de Technologie (ADIUT) will organise EURASHE’s 27th Annual Conference in Le Havre (France) on 30-31 March 2017 under the title ‘Professional Higher Education 4.0: A Change for Universities of Applied Sciences’. It will address the topics of the 4th industrial revolution, or so-called industry 4.0/industrie du futur, but especially the response of higher education: What do such developments mean for qualifications? What will be the impact […]

The Mediterranean Sea has often been depicted as the cradle of world civilisations. The sea is known in English and the Romance languages as the sea “between the lands”, but historically the Mediterranean Sea has gone by many names. The Romans have called it Mare Nostrum (Our Sea); in Arabic and Turkish the sea is often referred to as the White Sea (al-Bahr al-Abyad and Akdeniz, respectively); in Hebrew, it is called Yam Gadol (Great Sea), and in German Mittelmeer […]

The 50th EUCEN conference celebrates the growth and evolvement of university lifelong learning through the past decades, and looks info future opportunities in times of transition. Increasing internationalization, cultural diversity, mobility and digitalization are global trends with huge impact on individuals, work life and educational institutions.
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Main Theme: ‘Designing Teacher Education and Professional Development for the 21st Century: Current Trends, Challenges and Directions for the Future’
The reality of teachers’ work in the 21st century is changing rapidly. We expect the ATEE Spring Conference 2018 to bring a wide variety of stakeholders involved in different stages of teacher preparation to address theoretically, empirically or practically issues related to contemporary teacher education and professional development.
Call for Abstracts is now open […]