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Education and Training Forum

Since 2008, the European Commission hosts an annual Stakeholders’ Forum on EU cooperation in education and training. The purpose of the Forums is to gather a broad group of European level stakeholders and social partners to discuss European cooperation in education and training mainly on topics of a transversal nature. The Forums are organised by the European Commission with the support of the LLLPlatform.

The last edition focused on the New Skills Agenda for Europe adopted by the Commission on 10 June 2016, which aims to ensure that people develop a broad set of skills and competences from early on in life in order make the most of Europe’s human capital, as well as to improve employability and competitiveness. Improving skills levels, educational attainment and promoting key competences, including transversal skills, are essential to improving people’s employability, their chances in life as full citizens and creating fair, inclusive and sustainable societies. The contribution of education, training and youth stakeholders is seen as crucial to turn the Skills Agenda into reality at grassroots level. The Forum also featured discussions and exchanges on upcoming initiatives, in particular the review of the 2006 Recommendation on Key Competences for lifelong learning.

Past Education and Training Forum

  • Discover the LLLP Annual Conference 2018

    When? 5 – 6 July 2018
    Where? Vienna, Austria – TU Wien
    What? A partnership between lifelong learning and culture
    Why? To rethink education in Europe: from validation and recognition to learning environments, all of this with the unmistakable LLLP’s holistic approach
    Who? Members, experts, academics, learners, civil society organisations, national, EU and international representatives: all together to debate this great topic!

    We start with sparkles and fireworks! For the opening ceremony, we invited a distinguished panel to discuss Bulgarian and Austrian […]

  • Consultation on Inclusive Education: Civil Society Day 2016 Outcomes

    The Civil Society Day, co-organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports and the Lifelong Learning Platform, was held on 19 October in Brussels, as introduction to the Education, Training and Youth Forum (20-21 October). Gathering a wide number of educational stakeholders, the Commission invited them to deliver an opinion to feed its upcoming communication. The key messages are available in the Consultation Outcomes.
    This year’s focus was on “Promoting inclusive education and […]

  • Post Paris Agenda Civil Society Day

    On 15 December 2015 in Brussels, the European Commission DG EAC and the Lifelong Learning Platform (EUCIS-LLL) organised a Civil Society Day focused on the follow-up of the Paris Declaration. After the rich discussions at the Education, Training and Youth Forum organised in October this year, this meeting aimed for a more in-depth debate with civil society organisations around the place and role of education in promoting equity, non-discrimination, fundamental values, intercultural competences and active citizenship.

  • 2015: European Education, Training and Youth Forum

    The 2015 European Education, Training and Youth Forum took place on 19-20 October 2015 in Brussels. It focused on the planned adoption in 2015 of Joint Council-Commission Reports on the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020), and on the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field.
    The Commission proposals for both Reports will form the basis of the discussions at the Forum, providing a follow-up to the 2014 Forum where stakeholders made a structured […]

  • 2014: Future priorities of the 2020 Strategic framework

    The third Education, Training and Youth Forum took place on 9-10 October. The 2014 Forum entitled “Future priorities of the 2020 Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET2020)”, aims to bring together various stakeholders in order to discuss relevant key policy developments. The mid-term review of ET2020 is of particular importance, as EU institutions are setting new political priorities. The Forum also aims to help identifying concrete policy areas for the next ET2020 work cycle (2015-2017) […]

  • 2013: Working together for reforms

    ET Forum 2013 – Working together for reforms – 17-18 October
    The Education, Training and Youth Forum aims to bring together various stakeholders once per year in order to discuss key policy developments linked to the Europe 2020 strategy, the strategic framework for European cooperation in Education and Training (ET2020) and the European Youth strategy. The 2013 Forum will promote the idea of “Working together for Reforms”, emphasising the need for policy-makers and key stakeholders to work in partnership, in […]

  • 2012: European Education and Training Forum

    The “European Education and Training Forum” is the new version of former “Stakeholders’ Forums”. It is now open to all stakeholders and is led by DG EAC. The first edition took place on 18th and 19th of October 2012 in Brussels. 350 participants gathered to discuss EU policies about education and training. EUCIS-LLL and its members’ objective was to contribute to the debate by bringing in the perspective of civil society. The aim of the Forum was to mobilise stakeholders and […]

  • 2011: Fourth Stakeholders’ Forum

    This Forum allowed European stakeholders to give their views on progress made during the first ET2020 cycle and to make concrete proposals on the priority areas of the second cycle. Key messages from this Stakeholders’ Forum will be used by the European Commission in drafting its proposal for the 2012 Joint progress report on the implementation of ET2020, which will be adopted by the Council and the Commission in February 2012. Read the General Report and Key […]

  • 2010: Third Stakeholders’ Forum

    This Forum aimed to consult European stakeholders’ on the future of the programmes Lifelong Learning, Youth in Action and Erasmus Mundus. It was co-organised by EUCIS-LLL, the European Youth Forum and the DG EAC. Read the Key messages!

  • 2009: Second Stakeholders’ Forum

    The second Stakeholders’ Forum had two main objectives: to collect stakeholders’ points of views on the updated strategic framework for education and training 2009-2010 and on the 2009 Year on Creativity and Innovation. It gathered around 80 participants from all around Europe. This event enabled participants to discuss in an open way about the role and function of a European platform like EUCIS-LLL. Read the General report and the Key messages!

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