The Civil Society Days event is a symbol of the cooperation between the EESC and the members of the Liaison Group representing European civil society organisations and networks.
This initiative contributes to assert the Committee as a special partner for those organisations and networks on issues of common interest such as that of “dialogue and participation” in the light of Article 11 of the treaty on the European Union.
It also aims at enhancing the added value of political dialogue between the Committee […]

Save the date for the LLLP Annual Conference 2020, in Zagreb, Croatia!
We will connect with the upcoming Presidency on the burning topic “Lifelong Learning for a Sustainable Society – Forging the foundations for future-proof education”.=2020 will be a forward-looking year for Europe: while the programme cycles will come to an end, it will also be the moment to assess whether the ambitions of the ET2020 and its indicators were met, and thus engage in the discussions on the next goals. […]