This year’s annual ESF Transnational Platform event will take place on 21 and 22 May in Brussels. This will be our closing event, as the ESF Transnational Platform has now entered its final stage of implementation. As such it will be a key moment for our community and this year the aim is to extend the appeal of the conference beyond the 9 ESF Thematic Network to gather participants from ESF managing authorities, policy-makers, stakeholders at EU and national levels, […]

LLLP and Cedefop are organising this policy forum to explore the potential of community lifelong learning centres as one-stop shops for preventing young people at risk and early leavers from education and training from disconnecting. The event will be hosted by the Romanian Presidency of the Council in its permanent representation to the EU in Brussels.
This policy form will involve the participation of approximately 80 Brussels-based stakeholders from the permanent representations of Member States to the EU, the European Commission, […]