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Annual Conferences

The Lifelong Learning Platform organises an Annual Conferences on transversal and strategic issues in lifelong learning. We invite speakers and participants from various sectors of education and training to see how the same problem is tackled in a university, an association or a training centre, by the parents, the learners, the educators or managers. Social partners and representatives of national, regional and European institutions participate as well, to broaden the debate and disseminate our results to a larger audience.

2019: Lifelong Learning for a Sustainable Society – 27-28 May 2020

The Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) will be holding its Annual Conference on 27-28 May in Zagreb, Croatia. The Conference will take place at the crossroads between the Croatian and German Presidencies of the Council of the EU, thus helping the transition and bridging with the outcomes of the European elections with the policy proposed and implemented so far. Save the date!

2019: Learning Democracy, Values and ParticipationFor the 2019 edition, the LLLPlatform gathered education stakeholders in Brussels, Belgium, on 19-20 June to tackle the annual topic of “Learning Democracy, Values and Participation“.

Check out the programme and stay tuned for the report!

2018: Lifelong Learning Culture

The Annual Conference 2018 took place on 5-6 July 2018 in Vienna, Austria. This year’s topic was “Lifelong Learning Culture: A Partnership for Rethinking Education.” The challenge of the revision of the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning commands us to to include all learning environments through effective validation processes, and a true holistic approach to lifelong learning.  The conference saw one hundred participants debate the role of education and culture in building lifelong learning societies: from active citizenship to intercultural dialogue, to validation and to learning environments, the conference opened up pathways for civil society organisations to operate in. The event closed with specific recommendations to improve the European education systems. Relive with us the days in Vienna!

2017: Education in a Digital World

In 2017, the LLLPlatform address its Annual Conference to the topic of “Education in a Digital World“, discussing with education experts the role of technology and digital learning in our society. The challenge of education in a digital world commands us to open education as widely as possible to include all, through flexible pathways and innovative thinking in order to enable all to adapt to yet unknown developments. The two days in Tallinn have brought us vibrant inputs, valuable contributions and have opened our minds on the main topics (and beyond). This is why we are happy to share the report of the conference, including all the interventions from the speakers. Read the report!

Past Annual Conferences

  • Five takeaways from the LLLP Annual Conference 2019

    The Lifelong Learning Platform’s Annual Conference took place on 19-20 June in Brussels, the perfect place to take stock of the EU elections and assess the role education will play in the future of Europe. It gathered stakeholders from all education sectors and interests, tackling together the topic of “Learning democracy, values and participation: the added value of lifelong learning”. A very dynamic discussion saw the light, and there was general concordance on some key issues. 

    1. Our democracy needs all […]

  • Registrations open for the LLLP Annual Conference 2019!

    We have opened the registrations for the LLLP AC 19, “Learning democracy, values and participation: the added value of lifelong learning“! Hurry up and reserve your tickets to the European conference on learning democracy, global citizenship education and promoting common values!

    Book your agendas for 19-20 June 2019, in Brussels. LLLP will take you into citizenship education and much much more with exceptional speakers and insightful workshops!

  • Save the date for LLLP Annual Conference 2019

    The Lifelong Learning Platform is happy to announce the dates of its next Annual Conference for 19-20 June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. The debates will turn around the exciting and topical theme of “Learning Democracy, Values and Participation”.

    2019 will be a crucial year for Europe, as the political landscape is compelled to change in the May elections: through this topic the LLLPlatform will seek to bring back the discussions around citizenship education, active citizenship, and the values that inform […]

  • Press release – LLLP Annual Conference in Vienna

    VIENNA – The Annual Conference of the Lifelong Learning Platform on “Lifelong Learning Culture: A partnership for rethinking education” took place at the very beginning of the Austrian Presidency of the European Union.
    On 5-6 July over a hundred representatives from the education and culture sectors including political representatives, civil society organisations, academics and practitioners gathered in Vienna for the Lifelong Learning Platform’s Annual Conference “Lifelong Learning Culture: A partnership for rethinking education”. The purpose of the conference was to highlight […]

  • Discover the LLLP Annual Conference 2018

    When? 5 – 6 July 2018
    Where? Vienna, Austria – TU Wien
    What? A partnership between lifelong learning and culture
    Why? To rethink education in Europe: from validation and recognition to learning environments, all of this with the unmistakable LLLP’s holistic approach
    Who? Members, experts, academics, learners, civil society organisations, national, EU and international representatives: all together to debate this great topic!

    We start with sparkles and fireworks! For the opening ceremony, we invited a distinguished panel to discuss Bulgarian and Austrian […]

  • LLLP Annual Conference Report published

    The Annual Conference 2017 took place on 31 May and 1 June in Tallinn, Estonia. This year’s topic is “Education in a digital world. Reducing inequalities through lifelong learning”. The challenge of education in a digital world commands us to open education as widely as possible to include all, through flexible pathways and innovative thinking in order to enable all to adapt to yet unknown developments. The two days in Tallinn have brought us vibrant inputs, valuable contributions and […]

  • Save the Date for LLLPlatform Annual Conference 2017!

    The LLLPlatform is pleased to announce it will be holding its Annual Conference 2017 in Estonia on the theme of Education in the Digital World. The Conference will take place on 31 may and 1 June. This event will call on participants to question the influence of digital technologies on pedagogy: how new technologies transform the teaching and learning experience, how education should adapt to deliver new and future skills, and more generally, how educational policies are designed in the digital era. Stay tuned for more information!

  • 2016: Imagining the learning community of tomorrow

    The learning community of tomorrow, what will it look like? The speed at which society has evolved in the last decades makes it difficult to conceive what might be happening in 10 years, let alone 20 or 50. But this is not enough to stop us from hoping for a better future. On the contrary, it seems the perfect time to design the society we dream of, and what role education will play in realising it! The LLLPlatform held […]

  • 2015: Paving the way for learning and qualifications

    On 16th June 2015, EUCIS-LLL organised its Annual Conference on “Lifelong Learning, paving the way for learning and qualifications”. These conferences, bringing together participants from a variety of sectors, ranging from public institutions, private enterprises to civil society organisations, constitute a milestone in EUCIS-LLL’s daily work: your experiences and exchanges help us shape policy recommendations and constitute a genuine moment of dialogue and peer exchange on lifelong learning.
    Read the full conference report!
    High level speakers including Claude Meisch, Luxembourgish Minister for Education, Childhood and Youth, stressed the importance of […]

  • 2014: Addressing Inequalities in Education and Training

    2014 is a turning point for European cooperation in education and training “ET2020”. It is the moment to take stock of more than a decade of community action in the field, but also to make concrete proposals for improving both the priorities and the working methods. This is a very timely debate because after the European elections there will be a new Commissioner as well as new Members of Parliament to take forward the achievements to date, deliver […]

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