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Lifelong Learning Interest Group Meeting: Short Overview

The first 2017 meeting of the LLL Interest Group was held on 21 March in the European Parliament.  The discussion on “Principles of Inclusiveness for Improved and Modernised Education” was based on the Maltese Presidency Council conclusions presented by Mr. Micaleff Grimaud (PermRep) and the European Commissions’ Communication on “Improving and Modernising Education” presented by Fiorella Perotto, DG EAC. Discussants highlighted the importance of more EU Member State commitment and better cooperation with civil society organisations, namely regarding the value and […]


LLL Interest group Meeting on Maltese Presidency Inclusive Education agenda

The first 2017 meeting of the LLL Interest Group will take place on 21 March. The topic of the meeting, “Principles of Inclusiveness for Improved and Modernised Education,” is linked to the recently adopted “Communication in improving and modernising education” from the European Commission. Inclusive education is also the main priority of the Maltese presidency of the EU. Both DG EAC and the Maltese Presidency representatives will join the meeting to discuss how to ensure a lifelong learning perspective, what is […]


LLL Interest Group meets to discuss the New Skills Agenda for Europe

In order to be turned into comprehensive lifelong learning strategies at national/regional level, bridges should be built between education, employment and social policies, in a reinforced dialogue and cooperation with civil society. That is why several MEPs and civil society organisations met on 30 November to discuss the new Skills Agenda for Europe with Slovak Presidency of the EU Council and DG EMPL representatives. The event took place just a few days after the EU Council under Slovak Presidency […]



The third meeting of the LLL Interest Group on 16 February 2016 gathered educators, learners, stakeholders and policy-makers. The debate that aimed to clear the field in order to understand how the concept is perceived at European level, what initiatives exist on the ground and how to channel best practices up to the decision-making level.
Personal development, creativity and well-being have the potential of becoming the key outcomes of a learning system that follows the right track. This “right track” involves […]



Convinced that progress will come from joining forces, civil society organisations and Members of the European Parliament met in the frame of the Lifelong Learning Interest Group on 22 September 2015 to share and learn from each other on their common belief that education is the key to unlocking the stalemate in which citizenship finds itself. This was the second meeting of the LLL Interest Group.
Europe desperately needs a new democratic impetus. It must today face the challenge of […]


2015: Launching the LIFELONG LEARNING Interest Group!

EAEA and the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLPlatform) have initiated an Interest Group on Lifelong Learning together with Members of the European Parliament. Hosted by MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finland, EPP), the group brings together civil society representatives and MEPs to discuss various key issues connected to lifelong learning. The first meeting took place in Brussels on 16th of April 2015.
“The idea is to have an interest group on lifelong learning with a strong emphasis on adult education. An important reason to […]