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EU Skills Panorama

The new Skills Panorama website, brought to you by the European Commission and powered by Cedefop, is now online. Skills Panorama turns labour market data into useful, accurate and timely intelligence that helps policy-makers in making their decisions on skills and jobs in Europe. Labour markets and skills needs are constantly evolving. Skills Panorama helps you keep up with the latest developments and make useful comparisons to previous trends or identify anticipated changes.


Qualifications Frameworks in Europe

Qualifications frameworks across Europe are coming of age: following a period of initial development and formal adoption they are now becoming increasingly operational. Promoting the principle of learning outcomes, qualifications frameworks are, in some countries, evolving from a tool to describe qualifications systems into a means to reform and modernise them. With the exception of the Irish, French and UK frameworks, European NQFs are still young, having been developed over the past decade, spurred by the EQF recommendation of 2008. The […]