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The Future of Europe: Call for Speakers

The National Agency Education for Europe is looking for speakers for a conference “The Future of Europe” on 4-5 October in Potsdam, Germany. The speakers shall present different scenarios for the future of Europe (based on the NECE video “Europe 2030”) and discuss the potential implications for citizenship education in the adult- and vocational education sector. The National Agency would like to invite one or more experts working with NECE to participate in this exercise in October. Cost of […]


Save the date for NECE2016!

Against the background of a global “refugee crisis” deeply affecting the state of the European Union and its neighbours, NECE 2016, organised in cooperation with LLLPlatform member DARE Network, will aim at two areas: firstly, it will look at the ongoing European response to the issue of migration including the divisions within and between European societies. Secondly, participants will be called to discuss how citizenship education should react to the polarising debate and the controversies about migration, diversity and identity […]


Arts and Cultural Education at School in Europe

International organisations have shown an increasing interest in arts education in recent years, resulting in key policy developments which form the backdrop to this study. UNESCO has been a leading force in development of policy initiatives in education and culture within the last decade. The main focus of this study is on arts education, although some information on cultural and creative education related to arts education can also be found. When the study considers cultural education and creativity, it is […]


Report on Cultural education, Council of Europe

In order to adequately prepare children and young people for vocational and social life, educational institutions must not only understand changes in needs but anticipate them.
In this sense, art and culture are indispensable elements of a comprehensive education, the objective of which is to achieve the maximum benefit for and best possible development of each and every individual and thus enable every individual to participate actively in society as a constructive member of the community. In this context, experience with […]