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Council of Europe: Parliamentarians back education for democracy

Education systems should be reviewed to promote inclusive education and help ensure that school pupils become responsible, active citizens, with critical thinking skills, who are able to live in our diverse societies and uphold democratic values, according to parliamentarians. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe calls on member, observer and partner States to review their education systems (Resolution 2091, 2016), and invites the Committee of Ministers to give more priority to education to democratic citizenship (Recommendation 2084, 2016). The adopted […]


Making the Case of European Civic Education

EUCIS-LLL and the European Civic Forum organised a round table on “Making the case for European Civic Education” during the Lifelong Learning Week –  4 December (9’00-12’00).
We believe that the current economic downturn poses a serious challenge to fundamental rights and democratic citizenship through rising unemployment, shrinking public spending and raising xenophobia and populism. Popular support for the European project has dramatically decreased over the last years, whereas European issues are increasingly piercing the public sphere and discourses all over […]


The characterization of Active Citizenship in Europe

Facilitating Active citizenship is one of the European Commission’s strategies for
increasing social cohesion and reducing the democratic deficit across Europe. In this context, this report provides an evidence base for policy development, identifying the socio-demographic characteristics and determinants of active citizens and those who for one reason or another participate much less. The JRC Report provides a detailed identikit of the active citizen from 2002 across 14 European countries. The results of this statistical analysis, based on a […]


International Civic and Citizenship Education Study

The International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) 2009 was the third IEA study on civic and citizenship education. ICCS 2009 reported on student achievement in a test of knowledge and conceptual understanding, as well as student dispositions and attitudes relating to civics and citizenship. For countries that participated in the 1999 data collection (14-year-olds), the study also measured overtime changes in civic content knowledge. There were different approaches to civic and citizenship education in the participating countries, with 20 […]


LLL-Mag#2 “We Make Europe”

The LLLP (former EUCIS-LLL) has published the second edition of its LLL-Mag on “We Make Europe, Active Citizenship and Lifelong Learning”. This magazine captures some of the sparks of civic engagement and aims to contribute to the debates taking place in the context of the European Year of Citizens 2013. Its purpose is bringing together various perspectives and experiences in order to show the wealth and dynamism but also the limitations and pitfalls of what is active European citizenship nowadays.


Paris Declaration – Promoting citizenship and the common values

In response to the terrorist attacks in France and denmark earlier this year, and recalling similar atrocities in Europe in the recent past, EU Member States reaffirm their determination to stand shoulder to shoulder in support of fundamental values that lie at the heart of the European Union: respect for human dignity, freedom (including freedom of expression), democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. These values are common to the Member States in a European society […]