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EU Alliance for Investing in Children – Statement on the ESF+ political agreement

The EU’s co-legislators reached an agreement on the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) which for the first time, includes a specific objective and earmarking aimed at fighting child poverty through access to education and other services.

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, 1 in 4 children across the EU was growing up at risk of poverty and social exclusion.  The pandemic and the socio-economic consequences that it has brought have already affected children and their families significantly. Child poverty levels are now […]


Joint Statement – Investing in Education and Training for the Recovery of Europe

The current pandemic has disrupted education and training systems across the continent but while doing so, it has raised many questions for its future, too. It has highlighted the dire need for young people and adults to gain greater competences, knowledge and skills as the sole opportunity for a fair, just and sustainable recovery of Europe, as well as for re-orienting the economy toward a green, digital and inclusive kind. What we have witnessed due to the Covid-19 crisis has […]


LLLP tightens cooperation with ASEM LLL-Hub and ARC8

The Lifelong Learning Platform is delighted to announce that it has joined the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub) in its Advisory Board. The ASEM LLL Hub was launched in Copenhagen in May 2005. It is a network that promotes dialogue between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in order to create foundations for evidence-based educational reforms. The Hub is composed of Asian and European universities that are involved in lifelong learning research […]


The Portuguese Presidency – Priorities in education and training

As of January 1st, we entered the six months of Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Given the extraordinary times we are living in, the priorities of the Presidency will inevitably focus on resilience and recovery, but education and training are said to be playing a major role.
The Portuguese Presidency will work on the following general priorities:

To promote Europe’s recovery, leveraged by the climate and digital transitions
To implement the Social Pillar of the European Union as a […]


LLLP Reaction – For a truly inclusive digital education action plan

BRUSSELS, January 2021 – Lifelong Learning Platform – European Civil Society for Education reaction to the European Commission Communication on Resetting education and training for the digital age
On 30 September 2020, the European Commission launched the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027 as part of the Education Package. The updated Digital Education Action Plan includes lessons learnt from the Covid-19 crisis as well as from the Open Public Consultation, to which Lifelong Learning Platform participated. It sets […]


A European approach to micro-credentials

Micro-credentials offer more flexible and modular learning opportunities. Having a European approach will help widen learning opportunities and strengthen the role of higher education and vocational education and training institutions in lifelong learning.

The European Commission has been working extensively on this topic, publishing a number of useful resources for practitioners, learners and national institutions alike. In particular, it is worthwhile to have a look at the report of the Higher Education Consultation Group, which introduces the EU approach […]


3rd Education Summit – Lifelong learning is needed for digital and green transitions

The third Education Summit took place on 10 December, on the topic of Digital Education Transformation. Throughout the series of high-level panel discussions with Ministers of Education, the topics of blended learning, gender equality, European Universities, a greener and more digital Erasmus, as well as Education and Training fit for the 21st century, were debated. 
Reflections around the current Covid-19 crisis and what it has meant for education and training concluded that although it has shown the need for advancing digital […]


“Have your say” in the future of work and skills in agriculture

Partners of the FIELDS project (in which LLLP is a partner) launched a survey on the future skills and work in the agriculture sector. “HAVE YOUR SAY” by completing the survey and then to share the link with other stakeholders across industry, including Agricultural Advisors, Agri-Food Companies, Co-operatives, Education Providers (Higher Education & VET Providers), Farmers, Foresters, Forest Industries, Policy Makers and Students or any others this may be relevant to, across the broader value chain.
Your views will […]


LLLP Position paper – Lifelong learning for sustainable societies

The year 2020 has been a year like no other in recent decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption to societies around the world, at the same time as the human-induced climate crisis continues to cause devastating effects through extreme weather events around the world. This is also a year of transition on many fronts as it marks the beginning of what the United Nations has called the “Decade of Action” for Achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and […]


LLLP Reaction – ET2020 Monitor

The Lifelong Learning Platform – European civil society network for education – welcomes the 2020 Education and Training Monitor, launched by Commissioner Gabriel on 12 November 2020 at the DigiEduHack conference. Expectedly, this year’s edition focuses on digital education and digital competence, also addressing the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on education and training. 
The focus of the introductory chapter is on the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on education and training, namely distance learning, for which the Commission expresses […]