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A new lifelong learning glossary: take the survey to redesign education

We are happy to announce that the Lifelong Learning Platform, with the support of external experts from UIL UNESCO, EESC, Cedefop and the European Commission, has launched a new project to redesign the concept of lifelong learning! This project aims to create a true Lifelong Learning Glossary, that will collect agreed definitions, words, abbreviations or acronyms giving the term and its full name, or its contextual meaning. While many definitions of key terms exist, we feel that most of them […]


LLLP President Statement – 70th anniversary of the Schuman declaration

“Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan.It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity”Robert Schuman

Seventy-five years after the end of the Second World War and seventy years after the Schuman Declaration, another dangerous spectrum torments Europe and the whole world, once again testing our capacity to respond jointly to the great challenges of the present time.

The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete […]


Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies – Registrations are open

We are excited to announce that the Lifelong Learning Platform will host an online debate on “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies” on May 27th, at 2pm!

What does it mean for education to be sustainable, and how can we achieve this goal? We believe that sustainability – of learning and of education systems as a whole – shall be the polar star for Europe for the years to come; in particular, for our communities to be sustainable (socially, environmentally and […]


NEW – LLLP Statement on COVID-19

At this point in time, it has become apparent that the COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global public health crisis, a danger to social and economic cohesion across our communities. But it is also a threat to education and training systems’ stability and sustainability, a red flag for the need to upskill teachers, educators and trainers, and ultimately to massively invest in education and training. One might even say that, to some extent, it has led us to question […]


LLLP Annual Conference Postponed – Save the date for 30 November

The Steering Committee of the Lifelong Learning Platform has decided to postpone the Annual Conference 2020. Initially foreseen for 27-28 May 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia, due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, LLLP decided to hold its Annual Conference 2020 on November 30 in Brussels. The Annual Conference will see a different format and will thus be coupled with the LLLWeek 2020, of which it will represent the opening event.

The topic of the conference – Lifelong […]


Europe’s share of GDP for education and training has never been this low. A comparative analysis

EU Member States are dedicating an ever-smaller share of their budget to education and training: unfortunately, this trend is well consolidated and alarming. Eurostat, the European agency dedicated to statistical analysis of EU Member States (and beyond), punctually publishes statistics about education and other sectors: its reports are of particular interest because they evoke a precise picture of countries’ investments in different budget areas. 

At the LLLPlatform, we have compared the same study Eurostat publishes every year with the aggregated […]


Annual Conference – Registrations postponed

The Lifelong Learning Platform has decided to postpone the launch of registrations for its Annual Conference “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies” to be held on Zagreb on 27-28 May. Because of the outbreak in COVID-19 across all Europe, the LLLPlatform has decided to postpone the launch of the registrations until the end of March, when the Steering Committee will be assessing the situation again. This also applies to the timing of the General Assembly 2020, initially foreseen for 26-27 May […]


Monitoring and measuring lifelong and lifewide progress of adult learners

In 2018, LLLP joined a consortium of 5 organisations to start a new project called TaMPADA, which will be implemented until 2021. Partners are now launching its first achievement: an Evidence collection toolkit and framework for tracking and monitoring the progress of disadvantaged learners.

This is designed to be of great use to adult education training providers in showing evidence of quality design, implementation and impact of adult education. The […]


DIMELI4AC: 6 themes to promote digital media literacy at school

On February 17-18 DIMELI4AC partners flew to Pallini (Greece) to discuss the work done in the past few months and decide on the next steps towards the implementation of the DIMELI@SCHOOL programme.

DIMELI4AC is an Erasmus+ KA2 project which aims to promote the development of digital media literacy (DML) and critical thinking skills among students aged 10 to 15 with the support of their parents, teachers and schools.

After concluding the initial research stage and finalizing a Competence Framework, DIMELI4AC partners have been hard […]


LLLP Awarded as Best Employer

On February 14th, the LLLPlatform was awarded by Trusted Jobs as the 2nd best employer in Brussels! The ceremony took place in the context of the POLITICO Job Fair ad was hosted by Trusted Jobs, the new social enterprise that allows employees and trainees to rate their employer, thus giving employment a new democratic dimension.

For the first time, people working in EU Affairs got to have a say on their working conditions and can improve the work culture […]