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AEGEE – Statement on the situation of migrants and refugees in Europe during the COVID-19 crisis

In the last weeks, Europe has become the new hotspot of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a public health emergency that has been already recognised as the biggest crisis hitting the continent since World War II. Each of us is being affected by these exceptional circumstances and living in a situation which we would not have even imagined a few weeks ago. Even though the whole European population is suffering from the impact of the pandemic, the most vulnerable social groups […]


#PHEresponse to COVID-19, a EURASHE Campaign!

COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically shaken the global professional higher education sector creating a lot of challenges for teachers, students and institutions’ leadership.

The existing health crisis keeps on revolutionizing online learning, assessment and applications processes on a daily basis and has questioned how the applied research may be conducted in the times of uncertainty.

EURASHE in response to the situation launched a campaign ‘#PHEresponse to COVID-19′ where will share the best practices from institutions, interviews with our members’ leaders and opportunities to participate […]


2GETHERLAND online? Take the survey

Like many of us around the world, you might be at home because of the pandemic. Given the situation, an international gathering for children and adults in July started feeling like an unsafe idea. At the same time, and more than ever, we feel children and adults must remain connected and ACT2GETHER.So, if you can’t come to 2GETHERLAND, why won’t 2GETHERLAND come to you?

The team of children and adults that were preparing the event for you, met online and decided […]


ACT2gether – Partnership between generations for a fair and sustainable world

ACT2gether aims to create a social movement promoting partnership between children and adults across sectors in order to create a fair and sustainable world

The initiative involves three strands of activity:

2getherLAND: Gatherings for all ages to play with the serious challenges in our world today2getherLEARN: Training and resources that help children and adults to be better partners2getherLINK: Alliances and success stories of intergenerational partnership, both off-line and on-line.

Associated activities are spearheaded by the Learning for Well-being Foundation at international level, and by its strategic […]


SOLIDAR – Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor

The Citizens and Learning Monitor has been a milestone in lifelong learning for the last years. With the 2019 version almost out, let’s have a look at the previous version.

Lately, the world has witnessed the harsh impact of populist politics. In the European Union, this rise in nationalism and populism has translated into an old member state leaving the Union for good, and “illiberal” countries rising up against civil society which could bring a major overhaul in the European Parliament […]


Join the All Digital Week on 23-29 March

ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual digital inclusion and empowerment campaign run at digital competence centres, libraries, community centres, schools and other venues across Europe. Every year it helps 100,000 Europeans to learn and be inspired by what technology can do for them. You can get involved, too!

Why do we need ALL DIGITAL Week?







GamifyEU – Creativity Lab – call for participants!

European elections 2019 are behind us and the young people had their say! According to Eurobarometer, we saw that the largest increase in participation in the elections was in under 25 and 25-39 age groups. The high turnout in the 2019 European elections was driven by a surge in participation by young people and the fact that more people believe that their vote counts. However, our work is far from done – we are aiming at engaging European citizens to question themselves […]


Call for Contributions for the 52nd eucen Conference in Budapest

eucen and the Central European University are pleased to invite you to submit contributions to the 52nd eucen conference that will be held in Budapest (HU), Wed 27 – Fri 29 May 2020, entitled “University Lifelong Learning for Increased Participation, Performance and Partnership”.The subtopics of this conference will be:1. University Lifelong Learning in learning cities2. Universities promoting inclusive education and community engagement3. Universities’ roles in the development of work-based learningPlease, visit the eucen Studies site to read more […]


ESU – Sustainability and the responsibility of education institutions

This article first appeared on ESU’s website.

Sustainable development can be defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”(1). It is crucial to view sustainability holistically as encompassing not only a safe climate and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but all different dimensions of sustainability. This includes aspects such as ecological thinking, sustainable communities, environmental and social justice as well as sustainability mainstreaming in […]


Evens Prize for Education

The Call for Applications for the new Evens Prize for Education dedicated to critical thinking as a practice of freedom is now open. For the 2020 edition of the prize, Evens is looking for inspiration and new ideas to foster the motivation and abilities to think critically about social questions.

To counteract the fact that practice and research are often two worlds apart, we invite applications in two categories:

Embedded practices that support critical thinking about social questionsScholarly but practice-oriented work that furthers our […]