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YEU – Online Living Library with 5 young Europeans

EU started a series of online activities to promote GamifyEU and the European Union. It first kicked this month off with an interactive and didactic webinar., that saw the participation of LLLP amid the panellists. To continue with, YEU decided to base the next activity on the methodology of the human library. For that purpose, they contacted Young People from NGO’s and EU Institutions who are working directly or indirectly to ”Shape the Future of EU” and ”Influencing” others to […]


European Students’ Union review of Human Rights Violations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The World Health Organisation along with the United Nations stressed the importance that national leaders adopt a cooperative, global and human rights-based approach in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic (1). The COVID-19 pandemic has not only shown society the importance of welfare systems, but more so the impact and repercussions that good or bad governance has on society at large.
The European Students’ Union, ESU, above all, commends governing bodies working to support healthcare staff on the national frontlines of defense and […]


EucA – Innovative teaching with Elene4Life

An open Dynamic Toolkit for innovative teaching and training activities and methods is now available on the website of the project “Elene4Life”. The toolkit can be used as a resource by teachers, experts and Professionals in Higher Education to approach and foster Global Citizenship through Active Learning. It refers to a broad range of teaching strategies which engage students or trainees as active participants in their learning and is complemented by a support of digital resources.

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EucA – Can Soft Skills transform our world?

Can Soft Skills transform our world? The answer is yes the improvement in soft skills as social skills and emotional intelligence can empower and enable people to better adapt to their environments and to work well with others. With the project Be The Change EucA and partners in 4 European countries will strengthen new initiatives of environmental and social impact designed and led by young people to enhance the exchange and implement innovative practices for Soft Skills development in the […]


EucA – Message to Europeans 3.0

After debates across Europe, countless civic initiatives to collect input from fellow citizens, hours and hours of debating and seeking to compromise on the draft resolutions more than 70 students from 14 European Countries presented a final resolution for a new narrative of the EU by to the policy makers in a final big event in Brussels (Watch the Video)

Follow Message to Europeans 3.0 on Social Media to learn more about the final resolution and the initiatives organised by […]


DARE – Italian strategies for Global Citizenship Education

The International Cooperation Centre completed the translation of the document that defines the Italian multi-stakeholder and multi-level strategy on GCE. The translation – realised thanks to the financial contribution of AICS, within the project Nuove narrazioni per la cooperazione (New Narratives for International Cooperation) – is still unofficial, as it waits for the formal approval by the numerous subjects involved in the drafting of the original document in Italian.  

Thanks to the English version, however, the Italian reflection, practices, and debate scale up: we bring them to the international level, and the Italian case becomes part of the discussion on quality education, civic […]


SOLIDAR – Call for contributions to the citizenship & lifelong learning monitor 2020

SOLIDAR Foundation is launching the new cycle of members contributions for the next edition of the CItizenship and Lifelong learning Monitor!

SOLIDAR Foundation flagship publication is a comprative report directly derived from the landmark 2015 Paris Declaration, which had EU education ministers pledging to promote citizenship. This shall again serve as the report’s backbone, which will be structured on three thematic areas representing objectives mentioned within the Declaration and providing with further evidence-based policy recommendations to feed in the debate at […]


45 years of fighting for school students’ rights: happy birthday, OBESSU!

45 years of OBESSU, 45 years defending school students’ rights tirelessly. Our anniversary is much more than a number on the paper or a registration certificate, it means that school student unionism stands strong and tall in front of all challenges and rises above all the political, economic or geographic attempts to stop our work to fight for student-centred, quality and inclusive education all over Europe and the world. Now, more than ever, this is a key message to convey: school students […]


ERRIN – Project Development Workshop 2020

This year’s Erasmus+ Project Development Workshop (PDW) will be dedicated to global competences, based on four subthemes: skills for the Green Deal, digital skills, intercultural skills, and lifelong learning skills.

To be eligible for EU funding from the Erasmus+ programme, you must work together with European partners. These partners are not always easy to find, which is why we organise this project development workshop where you will develop a project proposal with international partners. We will also provide our participants with insights, tips […]