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EMDR Europe: discovering LLLP new member

A short chat with EMDR Europe, the organisations that joined the LLLPlatform in June 2019.

What is EMDR Europe?

Founded in 1999, EMDR Europe is the official professional association of National EMDR Associations, establishing, maintaining and promoting the highest standards of excellence and integrity in EMDR practice, research and education throughout Europe. Its mission is to improve, through EMDR therapy, the lives of people affected by trauma and mental illness related to stressful experiences and relationships, to promote and […]


Opportunity for schools: In Europe at school project piloting phase

Together with the VPRO and the Dutch History Teachers Association, EUROCLIO is developing an education toolkit that will be based on the television series “In Europe Now” by best-selling historian Geert Mak. In this toolkit, students are challenged and supported to develop their own mini-documentaries on issues that are relevant for recent European History (such as how to manage migration and how to deal with the difficult past) based on their own […]


Inclusive Education in Action Case Studies

This article appeared in the European Agency for Inclusive Education in Action (IEA)

The Inclusive Education in Action (IEA) website presents a collection of important and interesting case studies from around the world. These case studies can be used as a resource for international policy-makers who are working to develop equity and equal opportunities within education systems globally.

One example is the 1+5+N: Using a Three-Level Resource Room System to Promote Inclusive Education (Learning in Mainstream Classrooms) […]


Learning for Entrepreneurship: A Global Citizen perspective

This year’, eucen’s seminar will focus on entrepreneurial thinking in lifelong learning that expands our perceptions of entrepreneurship for a more inclusive and sustainable future. University Lifelong Learning and Adult Education can play an important role in reaching the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs place future-proofing human society to the fore, which demands radical new perspectives and practices. Entrepreneurs are people who see and act on opportunities not readily apparent to others. In the carbon-neutral digital age of the […]


EAEA – European e-learning course on basic skills

The European e-learning course on teaching and learning basic skills continues 17th September! You are welcome to join anytime.The module “Tailor-made offers” (17.9.-15.10) looks at how to offer adults education and training based on mapping their individual needs. Through five sessions focusing on practices in Iceland, Portugal, Sweden, UK and more European countries, different aspects are explored:– How can tailored-made offers better support adults with a low level of skills?– How can learning offers be a part of local community development?We […]


Announcement – International Review of Education

The August issue of the International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning explores the contribution of adult learning and education towards achieving the global development goal on education. Other topics addressed in this general issue include international vocational students in Australia, professional farmers in China, distance education and self-directed learning.


AEGEE – New Comité Directeur

On July 25th, AEGEE had their usual European Transition cocktail, to say goodbye to the outgoing board and welcome the new one. AEGEE presented all the achievements of the current board and the new board was introduced and their plans for the upcoming year #socialinclusion, #sustainability and #youthmobility are some of the topics in which Comité Directeur 57 would like to work on this year, and it was highlighted a lot of youth mobility, as one of the new board members unfortunately can’t be here with us […]


EAEA – Low-educated adults and ICT: triggering primary motivation to learn

The original article was published on EAEA’s website

Even though the percentage of adults in education is growing every year, there is still a big group of people out of learning. As shown by statistics, normally the ones who are left out of education are the ones that need it the most – low-educated individuals, for whom education has become unobtainable not only due to their social and economic status but also due to inner barriers of fear and shame, […]


A roadmap to civil dialogue in the EU

At a moment when basic civil rights are challenged across the European Union, European Institutions need to lead by examples in ensuring that organised civil society can flourish and be empowered. Concrete measures must be introduced to support and develop civic space in the Europe.

Civil Society Europe calls on all EU institutions to recognise in their work and statements the specific role of civil society organisations: NGOs, Associations and Foundations in the development of a European democratic society.

We have developed […]


Call for contributions on digital facilitation and inclusion


The Réseau international des Cités des métiers and partners of the Erasmus+ project DIMESCA are looking for good practices in the field of digital facilitation and inclusion. About 10 “good practices” sheets have already been produced in the project, enabling professionals to share their experience regarding digital in lifelong guidance and disseminate them on other territories so they can inspire others. Feel free to contact us by September 15 if […]